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    Changes of direction

    The change of direction move looks like a variant of the Coke-Coca or as some people call it the 360 cross body lead. Instead of ending the Coke-Coca with a cross body lead (as normal) on the man's left, he pulls her in to his right side and does a CBL from the opposite side. In general...
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    ET Style should be called on6

    I have tried switching to ET on2 off and on now for about 2 months, finally broke down and started to take some real lessons with a bunch of different instructors. At first, I didn’t get it and was trying to remember the new steps with the new timing. Just too much to remember and my brain was...
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    How can I dance like this

    I think that's the idea - they dance so well that it looks effortless. Plus there are dancing ET2 - that's the style, ultra smoooooth. I think you would like LA style better. Regardless, sign of a pro is that they make difficult things look easy.
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    Toronto Salsa Congress

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    Toronto Salsa Congress

    BINGO - no other place to be on a Tuesday night in Toronto :)
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    While I agree with this - I think what you are really saying is that we need to become choreographers or learn to choereograph on the fly. The ability to fit or arrange steps and sequences to music is what choreography is all about. Salsa dance schools rarely teach choreography in their...
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    Ladies: skirts or trousers?

    You know when I am dancing with a woman I don't see any of that :cry: I am too close to her - if I am spinning her there is no way for the guy who is doing the spinning to see anything. It's the people on the side lines who get the show. Same for those sexy styling moves. I am usually...
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    Too much training for social dancers?

    I would agree up to a point. In terms of patterns - yes. As a follower, it's useless to know a whole of bunch patterns that only a professional would know how to execute. You will most likely never get to do them as you rely on the leader to lead the patterns. In terms of technical...
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    Toronto Salsa Congress

    I think people have already started to arrive in Toronto. Was out at a local club last night and a bunch of new faces were there. Looks like the party has start already!
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    Different ways of teaching Cha Cha Cha

    I learn Cha Cha Cha in ballroom first and I noticed their counting was based on 4 and not 8 like in Salsa. In Salsa every basic pattern was based on an 8 count (2 bars of music). In my ballroom Cha Cha class - count was focused on a 4 count. Also in my beginner class the dance started on the...
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    Toronto Salsa Congress

    Medira has given alot of good info already but without knowing your taste and willingness to travel outside of the downtown core it's kind of hard to recommend specific things. Try this web site to see what interests you:
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    Toronto Salsa Congress

    Anyone coming over for the congress? Will most likely just go to the socials but cannot decide which night.
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    On2 footwork question

    In Cha-Cha music the Cha-Cha-Cha is on the 4 & 1, so you have no choice but to dance on2. Now I have encountered music where the Cha-Cha-Cha is very difficult to hear and I get lost and fall into the 1 but the classic stuff you cannot miss that Cha-Cha-Cha...right :oops:
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    More guys than girls in my salsa class

    Don't know if this is true or not, but I read that the Argentine Tango was original danced between men and not between a man and a woman. :shock:
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    Vancouver BC - Saturday nights?

    Try this web site. I have never been to any of these places so you should call first to confirm. Don't know how up to date the info is.