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    Dance Doldrums

    I'm halfway there. I am transitioning from 5-10 private lessons per week, to 1 lesson biweekly with my American instructor and 1 lesson biweekly with my International instructor. The slower progress has dampened my enthusiasm. Fortunately I'm also doing a showcase so I have 2 showcase lessons...
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    Things you never want to hear again

    "Keep your head"
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    Before the Lesson starts

    It is luxurious. I have about one hour from the time I leave work until my lesson starts. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to the studio. That leaves me a whole 30 minutes I can call my own. That is usually my only unobligated time in the day. I choose to spend it at the studio because...
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    Before the Lesson starts

    Read my notes from the previous lesson. A few moderate drills to warm up. Watch my instructor teach the student before me.