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    Spectating at Blackpool

    Please don't buy anything to wear. Whatever you have that looks nice and makes you feel like you look good will be fine. You will be in a crush of people standing and no one is looking at you. Some people do have rather smashing outfits, and you can enjoy looking at them. The judges and front...
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    Here’s a view from the other side. I thought it was fabulous and sent the link to some friends with the info that this was a totally over the top soap opera about very rich people, but pretty much accurate emotions. Haven’t any of you danced with a teacher who has more than one person in a...
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    PBS "Dance For Me"

    Thanks for posting these details. It took me a while to find the PBS info and Egor's info from the original posting. Here is a link to Egor's profile on dancesportinfo for anyone who is interested.
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    Looking for Male Pro in Northern MD

    How tall is Genya Bartashevich? Is he not a bit shorter than Nikolai? Linas Koreiva used to come down from NJ, too, but does only ballroom. He is probably a bit shorter even than Genya.
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    Purchasing the Blackpool LiveStream

    I paid for Sunday's livestream and saw Tal & Ilana dance and come in second -- the pay screen hooked up to PayPal, and that translated the 2.50 pounds into $4.32 and put it on the credit card I had connected to PayPal. It was a lot easier than a couple of years ago when they wanted a credit...
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    WDC European Latin 2014

    Thanks for posting those videos in English. It's nice to see Serena Lecca!
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    Andrey Zaytsev and Elizaveta Cherevichnaya dance together

    Here is the rumba and the jive
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    Andrey Zaytsev and Elizaveta Cherevichnaya dance together

    Andrey & Elizaveta have already started dancing - there are some clips - also here is an interview, which is in English.
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    World Latin FInalists

    Well, MamboA might not want to point out the obvious, but he/she did post a stunning rumba by Hanna & Slavik as an example of good dancing and presumabably what he/she likes to watch --back when Bryan Allen was allowed to talk through the dances at Blackpool, he raved about her rumba walks, and...
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    World Latin FInalists

    Mirko and Edita being at the GOC totally made the prof ballroom there a fantastic event. It wasn't too bad anyway, but now is stellar. Pro latin is still lame. But your comment made me look to see if the promised interview with Mirko had been published in the Japanese/Russian dance magazine The...
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    USDSC 2013

    dlliba10 : Zbyszek Swirski, a very cool Polish Ph.D. statistician who lives in England, is the mastermind behind He can delete your American smooth entry – just email him at They are quite up on things even in the U.S. and are happy to fix...
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    USDSC 2013

    But this discussion reminds me of my experience watching in Orlando one year. I watched Emmanuel & Lianna do one dance and was impressed with their technique and was completely into that dance. But, any time my eyes roved around the floor, and Jose & Joanna came into view, that was it. J&J...
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    USDSC 2013

    That's why we need a for American style! I can picture one of the partners, from Haiti, but can't find a name. And then did: Alexandra Gregoire -- and here's a photo and part of the bio: "Pierre-Antoine with former partner Alexandra Gregoire Emmanuel and his former...
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    USDSC 2013

    I’m with Natalka on Jose, and am still upset about the decision at Capital a few years ago that unseated him and Joanna in favor of Bree & Decho, after which Jose & Joanna didn’t compete again. Natalka might have more insight into that decision on J&J’s part, but I’ve boycotted Capital since...
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    World Latin FInalists

    Mine, too! The rumbas Maurizio & Andra danced at the UK Open in January, along with Victor & Anastasia’s first waltz, made my entire trip to Bournemouth worth it in terms of being in dance heaven.