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    Common & Popular Salsa Topics Index Guide

    I get the following even though I am logged in: ccc, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative...
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    hug thread

    Thanks again everyone. It helps.
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    hug thread

    Thanks everyone. I lost my wife to cancer recently and some days are just difficult.
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    hug thread

    I, too, could use a hug.
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    Need a hug...

    Hugs!! It will be okay.
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    Online Radio Channels

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    The Household Project Thread

    Finished installing the kitchen faucet. It turns on/off by just touching the faucet or the handle. Working on kitchen cabinets. Just bought some cherry to make drawer faces. The top and middle drawers have anti-slam slides. The bottom drawers can be opened by just pushing in slightly with...
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    Cat antics

    Such as this? :):
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    DWTS, Season 6, Week 7 (spoilers) ...

    While my son was playing football in college he had the same thing happen to him. He went 3 months before having the surgery which was almost too late. His strength in that arm was decreased but he could still play. Coming out of surgery he was in incredible pain. They put him on a...
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    Happy Birthday Pygmalion

    Isn't the whole purpose of DF to see if you can make Pygmalion *giggle* ? Happy Birthday
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    Five Letter Game

    HZXYM Happily, zillions Xeroxed Yambu manuals.:smile: JAQOW
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    dancers radiotelephony spelling alphabet. Yambú Originating in the cities, it is probably the oldest rumba form and is performed by couples. Also called Rumba de Cajón (box rumba) because the percussion used to be played on wooden boxes similar to flamenco. It is slow to...
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    DF/SF Replicating our International Salsa Scene

    For me it was actively dancing that led me to this forum. But injuries have kept me from dancing which has led to not visiting the forum as often. And infrequent visits has put me in lurking mode instead of active forum participation. I also think that when you first start you crave...
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    the 7.5K (not) post party!!

    Is there cake? Cake with frosting?