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    Argentine Tango Frestyle

    It went well, thanks for all the helpful comments. The intermediate class starts in January, so I will need to arrange some practice time before then as am enjoying the classes so far. I think I know what sort of figures I want to learn to get better and how I want to dance AT, so 2018 should...
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    Argentine Tango Frestyle

    Thanks, though I do post on this site occasionally. It's the final week of the 5 week course and we'll be there for a couple of hours. The teachers will play music and be going round helping people. Some of the ladies there have been dancing AT for years, but I'm only on my 8th week :P
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    Argentine Tango Frestyle

    I joined a class with my friend a few months ago and there is a freestyle dance practice evening coming up soon. I think she'll be ok as the other men have been dancing for years, but I'll have to ask ladies to dance that have been dancing AT much longer than me. Any tips?
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    Ft. Launderdale Dancing (Ballroom?)

    I'm over in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Saturday-Monday from UK and was wondering if anyone know of any dances on this weekend? (On Saturday/ Sunday?) Ballroom/Latin/Maybe Salsa
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    How to get a dancer's body

    What I need to know is how to get a 'non dancers' body as it seems I never can put on any weight at all and it takes so much effort to gain even a bit of weight...sigh!
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    Will ballroom studios close after the baby boomer gen pass on?

    I think if it were an option at school more people would be interested in it. In my circle of friends outside dance classes I am the only one that goes to them. I think Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing shows are good for getting people interested, but quite often people seem to...
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    Younger Men / Older Women

    Your post made me laugh. I am 30 too and have been taking private lessons/medal tests for just under a year now. This happens to me to, but at weekly classes and it is pretty annoying when they seem heavy and hard to move and don't seem to even know the basics when I know they have been dancing...