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    Steve Hevenor dies at Killick Klassik

    Please feel free to share your comments, memories, stories, "steve-isms", and pictures on
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    Steve Hevenor dies at Killick Klassik

    2pm Sunday at 2pm.
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    Response to Current Trends in American Smooth

    If there was a pre-choreographed part, it would have to be syllabus, since open stuff doesn't have to have the same alignments or rules. Also, that's sorta like what we already do with the regular rounds and the show dances for the finalists. It would be everyone preparing their regular stuff...
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    Professional American Quickstep?

    I feel that American Quickstep was "made up" for the sake of making something up. The other American Smooth dances have been developed to what they are, and they have not stolen directly, but rather borrowed bits here and there and evolved on their own, not a complete steal like the AQ looks to...
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    Professional American Quickstep?

    I just don't think there should be separate dances. Especially made up ones like the American Quickstep. I know that the standard quickstep borrowed some moves from other dances, which is fine to show some bits of influence from other styles with similar music, but American Quickstep isn't a...
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    levels and time

    Yes, I would say it takes much longer to perfect bronze than all your other levels... It takes all of your dancing life to perfect bronze, as you continue to do it from the day you start til the day you end. It takes all your life minus the time you were studying only bronze to perfect silver...
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    Hitting your partner

    Oh my, if my dance partner stopped dancing with me because I hit him, I'd have no dance partner! One time I hit him in the face, I felt so bad, but he claimed it was his fault because he brought my hand there and didn't move his face back. I let him take the blame for it. But one time, I...
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    cell phones, keys, credit cards and purses

    Ah yes, I have so many answers to this question because I have tried it all... and more than others have tried.... here are my additional bits to add. (Also in the interest of security, I don't really social dance much anymore, and my tips don't give away the location of anything valuable, only...
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    Professional American Quickstep?

    No, I'm not saying bring Peabody back as a "Separate Event" - I'm saying, get it back into mainstream so that Smooth is back to it's original 5-dance competitive. First of all, American Quickstep is silly, it's silly as a separate dance, it's silly as part of the Smooth set. There is already...
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    Professional American Quickstep?

    I just think it's silly, doesn't add anything worthwhile to a competition. We already have a separate Theater Arts part. If you have a separate American Quickstep, then you might as well have a separate all the other dances too... add a separate Argentine Tango, Night Club TWo Step, Merenge...
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    Who Have You Danced Ballroom With?

    Of the DFer's, I don't know who people are so I don't know who to list. I think I know who some people are based on their screen names (it's easier to guess if their real name is in their user name). As for famous people, I've gotten to enjoy a social dance with David Hamilton and Steve...
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    Professional American Quickstep?

    No, no, no! It's just wrong... No, you can't get rid of Bolero! It's just a misunderstood dance that has exceptional beauty and uniqueness that just can't be replaced. And No WAY! It should be squashed right now. "American Quickstep" is just wrong. If anything, bring back the "dated"...
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    Smooth Dresses

    Mermaid Skirts Yes, I believe that smooth skirts should look more figure flattering. I am not a fan of the large circle skirts that fly up when I spin. My favorite dress I ever wore for smooth was a very tight fitting around the hips and thighs that hugged partially down to my knees and...
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    Jumpin' Joe's in Worcester, MA

    Hey everyone, if you live in the Worcester, MA area, you should check out Jumpin' Joe's ballroom. It's new and the dance floor is huge, they have a great ballroom DJ, and the venue is amazing! They have a college ballroom night, big bands night, swing night...
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    Independence Day Ball '07

    it's a secret... only the ones who went are cool enough to know how awesome it was... LOL, just kidding! OMG, it was amazing. Each coach was unique and offered very important and enlightening things. I learned something from every one of them, and every class I took away something that...