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    Johnson’s Barn, a North Dakota Institution, Plans Its Last Dance

    Oh, I goofed, it is the Playmore Ballroom!! Sorry.
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    Johnson’s Barn, a North Dakota Institution, Plans Its Last Dance

    Found this to be a very interesting article. Those big old dance floors in the midwest are getting harder and harder to come by. There is a huge one outside of Lincoln, Ne that I would love to stop into. They have dance lessons on Sunday evening with a live country band after that, and it's...
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    How would you dance to this one?

    I would do a triple two step to this song, you could also do a Stationary Cha Cha, or even a free style cha cha. Love Lee Brice!
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    Country Dance Question -- What is Schottische?

    I learned the above Schottische years ago, but I live in a part of the country ( near Hays, Kansas ) that has a rich Volga German heritage. You see this at all the Polka dances, and it is fun. When we taught dance classes, we did it in groups of four, two couples, with all facing line of dance...
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    Favorite 2-step music

    Hard to give just one so it will be subject to change!! Mercury Blues by Alan Jackson. But then again, Suds in the Bucket, Sara Evans. Past the Point of Rescue, Hal Ketchum. Nah, there can't be just one, top ten maybe!
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    Country? Western?

    Chris Ledoux and Garth Brooks among others, have sung many a "country and western" song about real cowboys, with one of my favorites by Garth called "Cowboy Bill," a beautiful waltz. There will never be another Chris, and I can't wait for Garth to bring out another album. Here in Kansas we...
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    Swing City

    Many years ago we learned a paired partner pattern dance to this song and it was written by Barry Amato. It was an east coast style dance and it was fun to do. In the video, I saw dancers doing east coast swing, and some two step among others. Back in the day we would have done east coast, but...
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    newbe question

    We used to do one a long time ago called Charleston Bump, sounds similar, and also did a circle dance that had the foot touches, but not hip bumps, and that was the Barn Dance. Were there several couples doing this at the same time, and were there any partner changes? I can't remember whether...
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    Easy and nice Viennese waltz song WANTED!

    I would look at Open Arms by Journey. Nice lyrics, not too fast, not too slow, one of my favorite non-country waltzes.
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    Boot Preference

    Chuck, I would love to have my evenin' stars resoled, as they are getting worn out. Does your shoe repair person have trouble finding the chrome soles to replace the soles? I am not finding someone close to us that can do this. Any input? Thanks!
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    Can You Identify this Two Step Move/Turn?

    I would call it alternating pattycakes with free spins. Um, at least that is if I am looking at the right thing!
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    Evenin' Star Boots

    Look up Evenin' Star boots on Ebay. There is someone who is selling brand new ones in whatever size you require, and different styles. From time to time, there are new ones listed on Ebay that someone ordered and couldn't wear, and didn't or could not return.
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    "Freestyle" Cha Cha

    Hi, we do the freestyle cha cha here in Kansas, and the break is on the two forward for the lady, back break on six (basic). We like using slower music. I love this dance, pretty, and romantic. You see all kinds of dances on the floor, the kids don't really do this dance.
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    Pattern dancing

    I would try this website: We have had a lot of fun with patterned partner dancing. It is fun if you like being a part of a group, and besides, if you forget what you are supposed to do, just look at the ones ahead of you! One of our favorites from the past was Red...
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    Good Country West Coast Music?

    One of my favorite country songs to west coast to is Rodeo Man by Ronna Reeves. It's faster, but it is lots of fun to dance to that way, has a great beat.