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    Ladies....some tips to help you get more invitation to the dance floor

    Hi, I have not been on this forum in a while. I began salsa dancing several years ago, but didn't really give it time and effort and dropped out of the scene. About two years ago I started dancing again and only a year ago, began making a real effort to go to socials. This was in Sydney, where...
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    Bronze and Silver Medals

    I just danced for the Bronze medal today, and this was my experience, since I began dancing six months ago: I first went to this school (to learn International Latin Ballroom) because I was dissatisfied with the first school I went to and where I took an intro package of four lessons. At the new...
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    Weight & Dancing

    I am overweight and until eight months ago, was a closet dancer for most of my life. Mainly because of self-image issues. I focused on being good at my job and my art instead and negated my self-image problems. Eight months ago I had lost about 25 pounds (went on a weight loss program) and...
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    Facial attractiveness and dancing

    I just want to make a comment about facial attractiveness/dancing: In my group dance classes, I noticed that the good-looking men who initially caught my attention (height, face, build, overall "hot-ness" : ) usually turn out to be the least skilled leaders. On the other hand, the least (the...
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    Is it wrong not to follow syllabus ?

    Whenever we have lessons, we practice these routines, and I see him doing the same with his other students. So I thought this was BRONZE+SILVER and that we would do exactly this in the test. However the way he explained it to me, the BRONZE is already part of what we have covered, so he is...
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    Origin of INT'L LATIN BALLROOM step names?

    Alemana - in Spanish, this means "German," so why German? Aida - well, what comes to mind is the Opera, wonder if it was for that...
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    Origin of INT'L LATIN BALLROOM step names?

    Does anyone know the origin of INT'L LATIN BALLROOM step names? When I heard the names Natural Top, Curly Top, Turkish Towel, Aida, Hockey Stick, Alemana, Fan, New York, etc, I just wondered who named them?
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    Is it wrong not to follow syllabus ?

    I had no goal myself, when I went into privates six months ago, and neither did I even know what the heck BRONZE MEDAL meant. After reading df a lot and hanging out at the studio and realizing what my teacher is trying to do, it has become clear to me. I agreed with him that I would do the...
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    Is it wrong not to follow syllabus ?

    I don't think syllabus steps are boring, now that I have begun practicing :raisebro: at long last. For instance i had been practicing the Bronze and Silver Rumba looking in the mirror and decided to try and add my hip movements in. In my class with pro, we have never worked on that yet but I was...
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    Is it wrong not to follow syllabus ?

    Wait a minute, you mean to say it is a list of steps which can be done in any particular order? Because if in a particular order, that would comprise a routine, right? Does this explain why the list my instructor gave me for silver is a list of steps but in a different order, from the list I...
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    What is inappropriate touching by Pro?

    Well I still find it unnerving when pro asks me to do rumba walks and he is in front of me holding my arms. First of all, you have to lean forward so you are so near him. Second, you feel like you're going to step on him. Not to mention when you are doing this all around the entire ballroom...
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    Do you learn MORE from a MEAN teacher?

    Just curious, what was it that made you break down in tears?
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    When you practice alone, what do you do?

    Okay, so I admit it, it's only now, after six months of privates that I have begun to practice alone. So I found this big room at home with mirrors in it which is perfect. Why didn't I think of this before? I brought my iPod Dock there and it's perfect...laid out the papers with the syllabus...
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    Do you learn MORE from a MEAN teacher?

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    Do you learn MORE from a MEAN teacher?

    Ok I think I have to tell pro to be tougher with me. I think I should've changed the title of this thread. TOUGH TEACHER, not mean! I want to hear it all, the good, the bad and the ugly!