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    Resistance training for ballroom dancers

    Nope that's not what I meant at all. I'm not putting down weight lifting. I used to body build before I started dancing. I'm just pointing out that good weight lifting technique isolates by locking other parts of the body and that the machines are particularly good at it.
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    Resistance training for ballroom dancers

    I agree that lifting weights can help increase your general fitness level, which will help you move better while you are dancing. But the reason I believe that lifting weights is not an optimal activity for dancers is because it trains the body in a way that is almost completely opposite to...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I have 3 international Latin practice partners, each with very different strengths and weaknesses. So I'm getting an extremely we'll rounded workout, I'm tired, buts it's a well earned tired.
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    Resistance training for ballroom dancers

    I read the whole article, but I'm not convinced. I still think traditional weight lifting is directly opposed to the proper dance technique. It's also misleading to say "resistance" training when he really means weight lifting. Dancers also use "resistance" training, but it's called calisthenics...
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    food journal

    Lots of BBQ chicken and fish, half a cup of brown rice a day with a load of sautéed and seasoned vegetables. Gallons of water. And hard candies for when I'm craving something sweet. Energy is up and steady all day. So far managed to lose about 20 pounds, 10 kilos.
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    Hi from the Philippines

    Hi, my name is Chewie and I'm a dance addict :)