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    Texas Two Step

    The Texas Shuffle Step posted above sounds very much like the AZ 2Step or the Rhythm 2S. AX 2S is very popular in AZ because it is easy to learn, and because it has little or no progresion it lends itself to small dance floors. Even less room than NC2. The Texas Shuffle Step…and has been...
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    Dancing with Acrylic Nails

    Long nails can be a problem and so can rings; my wife removes her rings for dancing. So I would go and then determine if the nails are too long, etc.
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    Good Country West Coast Music?

    During my WCS journey I've observed several preferences for WCS music styles from Country, POP, Blues, Hustle, and everything in between. My perspective has been broadened by dancing in two different venues; CW and WCS. And in two different regions of the country. In addition my dance partner...
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    What's Your Favorite Dance?

    I see similar dancing in ten step. I find that I enjoy different dances for different reasons - big influences are the music and partner. I'm mostly CW probably because those were the closest venues when I started and now I prefer the more relaxed and social atmosphere of CW. My favorite...
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    Good Country West Coast Music?

    Although Suzy Bogguss' cover of Eat at Joe's is a foxtrot I think it is one of the best Country WCS songs. " I Slipped and Fell In Love" by Alan Jackson "Beachin" Jake Owen "Fresh Coat of Paint" Lee Roy Parnell "Some Kind of Trouble" Tanya Tucker "Runaway" Bonnie Raitt "A Feathers Not a Bird"...
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    Swing Dance Hall of Fame

    I've had private and group lessons from Mike & Amber Cross and Mario Robau
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    Ballroom vs. Country Waltz, Cha Cha, Swing

    I think this thread needs a bump. I'm not a ballroom dancer but I often dance with some. I am a CW fan because those dances seem to be more relaxed and the dancers more social. I'm also a snow bird so I associate with a diverse range of dance friends from several regions of the US and other...
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    Looking for advice in learning WCS from a Salsa Dancer!

    WCS is the most complicated dance I have done, and the most satisfying. Pattern leads start 1/2 beat before the 1, as in &1, but the lead is a soft body lead. Because the WCS patterns are 6, 8, or more beats the 1st beat of a pattern will be on some odd beat of the music, and to confuse things...
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    What is the most basic move in WCS?

    I have heard instructors ask their students if they are proficient in the seven basics. Others have said that WCS is built on four basics patterns: starter steps, passes, whips, pushes. Everything else are variations. Whatever you call the basics I think the point is the foundation of the...
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    Bro Country

    I WCS to Bartender, well my wife likes it.
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    Favorite 2-step music

    Just thought of a few more: Amie by Pure Prairie League Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open by Clay Walker How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye by Tracy Lawrence My Oh My by The Wreckers My Old Friend by Tim NcGraw One of Those Nights by Lorrie Morgan Tear Stained Letter by Patty Loveless The Fireman by...
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    Good Country West Coast Music?

    I spend a lot of time in metro Phoenix which has a big WCS community. So I get to WCS to a wide variety music and IMO most CW music isn't as much fun as some of the other genre. In Phoenix I don't know where the DJs find all of this music but they dance to Blues, Pop, ChaCha, and Hustle. Some...
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    What kind of cowboy boots for two step dancing?

    Dancing is tough on the legs/feet, the follows probably have it tougher because they do more spins. Suede leather soles are the best but they need frequent brushing for optimum results. My partner, and others follows that I dance with, usually wear ballroom dance shoes. I prefer Evening Star...
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    Favorite 2-step music

    Some of my fav 2S songs in no particular order: The Bug by Mary Chapin Carpenter Any Way The Wind Blows by Brothers Phelps (complex song) Liza Jane by Vince Gill Past the Point of Rescue (4+ minutes) Norma Jean Riley by Diamond Rio Rub A Dubbin by Ken Mellons Knee Deep by Zach Brown Bing Bang...
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    "Original" music West Coast Swing was danced to

    Western Swing is still alive and well in an organization that promotes its continuation. The NW Western Swing Music Society holds an annual convention at a local dance venue each year. The bands play "Western Swing" which is very danceable for Progressive 2 Step and WCS. The bands today are...