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    You should write a book!

    Thank you !
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    You should write a book!

    Mods; With the "You should write a book" thread locked, can you combine/link the threads? Post Script ; inquired about Max's health, did receive a response but I'm hopeful.
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    You should write a book!

    Have a few more seconds.... From Alice
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    You should write a book!

    I was able to track down Alice Cura of Metroleta. Refunds will be sent to all who funded their Indiegogo project, fingers crossed. Running out the door, I'll post the email I received later...
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    You should write a book!

    ...or an ebook missing the "very detailed illustrations" of the last three chapters.
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    You should write a book!

    Just thought I would stop by and wish everyone a happy anniversary... It was one year ago today, according to my records, that we were promised a book. Guess Max's illness was contagious...
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    Finger Snapping

    I don't know about "really annoyed" but, yes, it can annoying...
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    And the 2014 USDC open pro rhythm champions are....

    Ding, Ding, Ding ... we have a winner! I haven't looked at the judges this year but those "franchised" folks might not play nice... again.
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    You should write a book!

    Is there a "sell by" date on hope?
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    Body "issues" and dancing

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    Meet up in NYC?

    That is what every creepy old pervert says... just sayin'
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    You should write a book!

    Stats from my experiences with both companies; Kickstarter: 11 out of 12 were on time and one was delayed by 14 days but was communicated weeks in advance. Indiegogo: 7 out of 7 were delayed, 4 orders are many months behind with no communication. Haven't really thought about it until now but...
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    Anyone know why we use the terms natural and reverse?

    "... It was clearly already evident in the the early 19th Century, when the Viennese Waltz became popular. Paradoxically this was achieved by only dancing ‘natural turns’, in which the couple turns clockwise. Not until the 20th Century did the ‘reverse turn’ become equally popular. Progressing...
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    You should write a book!

    Define good...
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    Rethinking ballroom dance

    Seems like an odd end result... Meh, could just be me.