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    Free dance classes this weekend in Anaheim!

    To celebrate the Grand Opening of Reflections Dance and Fitness Center, free sampler classes will be offered on Saturday and Sunday April 22nd and 23rd. And for you Latin dancers in particular: Rick Heiman, Artistic Director of Bel Cobra Dance ( and one of the...
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    Salsa in Helsinki

    Nice town.... I was in Helsinki a year ago, to and from performances aboard the Silja Europa for the Belly Dance Festival of Finland. Might be teaching a jazz fusion dance workshop there in May, and I'll have to check out the Salsa scene- thanks for the link!
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    Arthur Murray training...

    Hmmm...great info. Maybe I'll just stick to teaching fusion jazz dance. I'm already in Hollywood, just gotta keep getting the word out, start getting some pop stars and their backup dancers to drop in to class.:artsy: Unless an AM in the LA area starts recruiting. And they have to be big...
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    learning timing

    Speaking of cars, per Fascination, listen to music constantly, at home, at work if you wear headphones, and especially in your car if you have long commutes. Music, like dance movement, has to get "in the body," and once it's there it'll never leave!:cool:
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    Arthur Murray training...

    So do they charge the "trainees" fees to learn how to be an Arthur Murray teacher? Also, if you do become a teacher there, do you have to do heavy sales on the students who come in? :rolleyes::confused: I'm sure this has been discussed here before but I've been seeing a lot of ads for Arthur...
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    How do you define "professional?"

    Thanks for addressing the topic Laura, and your humility is refreshing, I could use some more of it myself at times. Anyway, reading between the lines of your response, which I agree with, would it be safe to say that there are very unprofessional behaving professionals, and conversely, very...
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    How do you define "professional?"

    Can we make a distinction between "professional," and "professionalism," then? This is partly what prompted me to instigate this thread. I get asked all the time, "are you a professional?" I used to wonder what people meant by that (income, seriousness, etc.) but now I just answer Yes! I mean, I...
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    How do you define "professional?"

    Income? Behaviour? Longevity? Number and variety of activities (competing, performing, teaching, etc.)? Esteem of the peer group and the dance community? Other?:cool:
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    Belly dancing?!

    Nice to see Miles popping up here. He is quite the topic of conversation on Miles is manager of the internationally touring belly dance group, the Belly Dance Super Stars, and quite an impresario!:raisebro:
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    Using recorded music- any legal issues?

    So we all use "canned" music in teaching classes, competitions, even public performances. I've been told that for low profile performances/ events, it's generally not a problem. It's only if you are touring big time, internationally, making lots of money using copyrighted music that it can...
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    How do you convey emotion in dancing? Facial expressions etc

    I'd chime in that natural and spontaneous are always best, if not always easy to achieve. I hate the detached and aloof look which some smooth ballroom dancers feel it necessary to adopt, with a frozen smile for the lady, reminds me of one of the parade queens on a float.:o
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    Training in other dance styles

    How about Showdance or Cabaret, or whatever you might call it in your area- I haven't done it, but it seems to me that ballet, or even contemporary, might be highly beneficial in doing lifts. And both ballet and jazz for incorporating turns that are not "strictly ballroom." I've also found...
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    Where would you like to dance in 2006?

    Where I'd like to dance in 2006... The Paris Opera- or at least the Opera de la Bastille...Covent Garden...Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Chan Center...on and on! But I will be in Europe to teach workshops in late April or early May. Jazz/ Latin/ belly dance fusion, great for Latin dancers...
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    Where would you like to dance in 2006?

    Good point. I performed this past January on a cruise ship on the Baltic Sea. Never went on deck once, really didn't know whether the sun was up or down. It was bright stage lights in the theater (nice theater, by the way, on the Silja Europa), so that was good enough. Besides the thread...
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    Training in other dance styles

    So what other dance styles have people here studied (hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, flamenco, contemporary, belly dance, etc.)? Are you still training in those other styles? What facets from other dance styles have helped your ballroom dancing, or might create difficulties?:)