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    How often do you practice dance?

    I work 7 hours a day human directional work, i dont use the sign.i put it down and dance.
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

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    Best Compliment(s) You've Ever Gotten On Your Dancing

    Ive been told I'm good by hundreds of people while working human directional work. Been told I'm their fave dancer by others. Been called out for battle by few. I don't dance for fame, nor for money. I dance to change the world. Besides my low self esteem makes it hard for compliments to...
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    gratitude thread

    Im grateful for life, for this beautiful planet, tho its currently being destroyed, I am still thankful. I'm grateful for my family, and my soon to be born baby boy. Im grateful for all opportunities that come my way, and anyone who tries to help, even if its by saying hello to brighten my day...
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    How often do you practice dance?

    Tbh, dancing is a nonstop thing for me. Whether I'm moon walking around town (which leads to a need for an abundance of shoes) or tutting and hand dancing out side on the wall. I try and dedicate 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day minimum for just dance. I freestyle, and don't have routines, so I just go...
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    Hey whats going on, my names cody, im a dubstep dancer. I have my own style however, called flowstep. Im very different from artists like nonstop, iglide, ect. Iv'e been dancing for three years now. (Almost...feb 7) I work dancing, yeah sounds funny when I say it, but no, not on a pole. But...