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    Heel height for standard shoes

    For me it is not the height of the heel but it is important for me to have the "flare heel." That way, I have more of a base to distribute my weight. I am more comfortable and stable with a flare heel at 2.5 than a pointy one at 2 inch.
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    Ballet Beautiful

    Thanks for your review. Best of luck on your recovering. I have a couple of friends with Plantar... I hope the strengthening from the ballet will help! :)
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    Cancelling Competition

    Latingal, that is simply horrible. Seen as how it was not your fault that you couldn't compete, as your pro was injured, why didn't he contact the competition himself and explain the situation? I have never had a problem getting refunded and trust me, I have had a lot of injuries and...
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    Cancelling Competition

    I have had to cancel competitions numerous times before due to injuries and illness (hopitalization) and have always gotten either full refund or credit for the following year. I have never ever participated in franchise competitions though, so I cannot speak regarding those, sorry. Hope you...
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    Rhinestoning Shoes

    oooooh i see... nice! I was thinking it was the colored stones just without the foil. Thanks!
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    Rhinestoning Shoes

    And the transparent stones come in all the standard colors all well, so I would get a transparent light colored topez?
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    Rhinestoning Shoes

    I want to add a little rhinestone accent to my shoes but I want the color to match the shoe color rather than be crystal AB or crystal. Any advice as to what the best match for a nude color swarovski would be? I was thinking maybe the Light Topaz color but was sure some of the experts here...
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    how do you clean patent leather scuff marks?

    Will acetone work? I use it on my street- patent shoes
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    2013 MAC

    Daphna: Regarding the Stepping Out Studio floor fee reduced rates, are they offered just during the week of the MAC or are they valid starting now? Thanks!
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    Ballet Beautiful

    I have seen this before and I remember thinking the prices were so expensive. I cannot speak for the quality of her teaching. IMHO, I don't think a beginner should start ballet online. As ballet is a technique-based dance, it requires a strong foundation and I do not believe that virtual...
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    City's Dance Sport Challenge

    Dec 15th...Who's going? IIRC, last year they did not post the heat lists until very close to the competition, like the day before. Also, according to the website, they are still accepting entries, so I am curious regarding when...
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    Hair question, how so shiny?

    back in my ballet days, gelatin would be used to make hair stay hard like a rock... don't remember it making my hair supery shiny though...
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    Comp Organization--Stuff We Like - Stuff We Don't Like

    HATE HATE HATE comps that do not allow outside photography. Also do not appreciate places that only have one, very crowded area to practice before (esp. when that one area has a floor that is not at all conducive for dancing.)
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    Pro-Am Partner New York

    My coach says it is easier for a girl to find a husband than a dancing partner!. (In my personal experience I have found it to be true!) Now that your teacher is on the lookout, I am sure someone with come along. Also, go to some of the ballroom practice parties in your area (even the studios...
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    Swan Studio

    Sorry, the forum will not let me post links, it is really annoying!