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    Weighty Dancers

    Sorry for any typos..I've got a broken wrist and am typing one handed... :( I don't know the dancers, either. The couple dances great. :D Your compliment about him dancing at a "pro" level, is very nice. I don't mean any offense, however since you say you don't know gentleman is, the rest...
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    Music for the "Electric Slide" ???

    I'm glad it made your night. :-) Do you have any suggested music? Cheers! :D
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    Music for the "Electric Slide" ???

    This dance is danced arund the world to hundreds of songs. Electric Slide / Choreographed by Unknown Description:18 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance Music:Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths What songs have you seen or heard used for this dance?
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    Had another thought. I attend a West Coast Class and it is very common for the dancers in the class to switch lead follow. Also, at the UCWDC and ACDA dance events I attend, every time there is a social song put on during the competition, there is at least one or two ladies leading...
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    Taking the lead: So you think you can challenge gender roles in dance?

    I actually started dancing as a follow (I'm a guy) My dance partner and I competed in the IGRA, and IAGLCWDC. IGRA = International Gay Rodeo Association. and IAGLCWDC = International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs Now I compete in ACDA and UCWDC as well as...
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    Music to Dance By: Triple Two Step

    Music to Dance By: Triple Two Step Article Excerpt "Finding good music for a particular genre of dance is often very hard to do. In this lens, you'll find some basic information on "Triple Two Step" and some sample videos so you can see it for yourself what the dance looks like. You'll...
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    How stretchy is the Chrisanne Standard Platinum Shirt?

    Thanks for the info and the compliment! I started loosing the weight after I won the Intermediate Line at UCWDC Worlds. I figured that if I was going to be an "advanced" dancer, I should *look* like an advanced dancer. :-) No, I won't be wearing the shirt under a tailsuit, I'll be wearing...
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    Stoning Help needed!

    I use an ironing board when I stone my costumes. Of course I'm only doing guy's shirts. I was at a ballroom comp a couple weekends ago and I saw a costumer, stoning a dress and it was on a form. She was stoning the upper bodice of the dress and because the stones were going on in a...
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    How stretchy is the Chrisanne Standard Platinum Shirt?

    Here is a link to the shirt that I'm talking about: Ok... I've lost weight. A lot of weight. 38 lbs so far. I have a lot more to loose: 46 lbs. I started out at 275 and I'll end up at 190. I really like the color combination of this shirt...
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    What to Wear at CW Competition

    Country Competitions are very casual. You see everything from Jeans / tee shirts to warm up wear and slacks / polo combination. Judges and MCs tend to dress nicer than the spectators. On Friday or Sat night, especially Sat night shows lots of people dress "up" but "up" is casual dressy...
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    Stretch Ballroom Shirt

    Stretch shirts under vest and How Stretchy? I've seen these stretch shirts worn under a vest in the country circuit and with the black shirt / black vest, it almost looks like a continuation of the vest making it look like a coat. It doesn't look strange to me at all. Of course I've only...
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    the myth of wicking?

    So, to jump threads.... what is the best shirt (brand and style please) to wear under dance clothes. In my ProAm competition, I wear a base layer, and either a shirt or a shirt and vest over the base layer. Add in a cowboy hat (required for leaders) and you have a HOT environment. An...
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    Best under shirt for men?

    Not yet. I kinda got busy with practices and lessons in the run up to the IAGLCWDC Annual and the Texas Classic, both big events on my dance calendar this month. As soon as I get back from those events I plan on buying one of the wool undershirts and giving it a try. Thanks to everyone for...
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    Best under shirt for men?

    Ron, does the smartwool NTS really do a good job at cooling? I always thought of wool as an insulator. Living in the South, I've never had a lot of experience with wools. Thanks! :-)
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    Best under shirt for men?

    I've had a great under shirt that I bought at a dance event years ago made by Syllables. It is black, ribbed and a cotton/something stretchy blend. It fits close to the skin and wicks away moisture perfectly so that costumes never show the sweat. But, alas, the shirt has seen better days and...