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    Cat's Corner 2007

    June 30th Cat's Corner is back and once again in conjunction with the Hot Summer Jazz Festival! We are still finalizing the details but the information we currently have is now online at: Also check out the history section. You can also see the top 3...
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    7th Annual Sving du Nord in Minneapolis

    Hey everyone! We've finally got all the information for registration to Sving du Nord (class descriptions will be added shortly)! You can now see the classes and register online. Go to and register today! As a special incentive to sign up early, the first 20 paid...
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    Twin Cities Lindy Exchange

    It's THIS WEEK! Don't miss out! Sign up TODAY!!
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    Twin Cities Lindy Exchange

    Still not too late to sign up for the first ever Twin Cities Lindy Exchange! We've got great bands, great DJs, two beautiful cities and lots of fun dancers! There's only one chance to go to the FIRST EVER TCLX!! Register today at Be there or be nowhere!
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    Twin Cities Lindy Exchange

    The housing request form is now active! Sign up and get the best choices for housing!
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    2005 Cat's Corner Competition (ALHC Regional) - Minneapolis

    I've gotten all the information online for this year's Cat's Corner! You'll see a few changes. First, the price has DECREASED for spectators. We hope this will get us a full house, so tell all your non-dancing friends who want to see a great competition and great music! Second, we've...
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    Twin Cities Lindy Exchange

    Online Registration is now LIVE! Here's the direct link: Otherwise, you can always go to and navigate through the site. Hope to see you there!
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    favourite song to dance shim sham too

    The two I use when I DJ: 1. The Shim Sham Song by the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra 2. Tain't Whatcha Do - Jimmie Lunceford The second is more traditional and the first was written and performed with the Shim Sham in mind. Music fits the breaks and stylings.
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    hat or no hat while dancing?

    Late to the thread. I go back and forth about hats. I love 'em but they can get in the way, too. Plus, if you take them off during the night you got to remember to take it with you at the end of the night! I have a zillion hats and I go through phases about wearing them, for dance or...
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    Twin Cities Lindy Exchange

    No problem. I've already replied on the movies thread in the Swing dance forum. I don't like Spam either and I'm from the state that has the Spam museum! :lol:
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    Swing film clips

    I have a few swing clips on my site at The direct link is: {non working url removed} There are some old video clips shot with my old Sony Mavica which are a minute or less. Plus, I have better stuff once I got my digital camcorder. There are full length shots of competitions...
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    Twin Cities Lindy Exchange

    When: June 23-27 Where: Minneapolis We are excited to present the first ever Twin Cities Lindy Exchange! This is in conjunction with the Hot Summer Jazz Festival and Cat's Corner (The Great Lakes Regional for the American Lindy Hop Championships). We are very close to getting all...