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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    Any chance scoresheets will be posted?
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    Why are homosexual men so drawn to the ballroom dance business?

    To quote Seinfeld, " Not that there's anything wrong with that..."
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    Boston Ballroom Conference and Competition 2012

    I'm going to watch! Can't wait! :)
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    New England Dancesport Championships

    Well, that's the probably the block rate the hotel is giving to the competition. It's regularly priced at around $300. So much for semantics. If this block rate, which is cheap for LA, does not dissuade folks from going to Nationals, why does the cost of this local comp prevent potential...
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    New England Dancesport Championships

    Well, folks, this IS ballroom, and more often than not, it is an expensive profession and hobby. :) Jeez-louise, it's discussed all over Dance-Forums how expensive it is. The decision to go is ultimately up to the participant, regardless of their respective budgets [there's always a way to...
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2012

    The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful that night; the talent was just insanely incredible. Such a pleasure to watch!!!
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    Yankee Classic 2012

    Saturday night is all right for "dancing"; I'll be there! :)
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    UK and International Championships banned by WDSF for 2012

    Oh well, c'est le vie.
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    UK and International Championships banned by WDSF for 2012

    I think all couples should come to United States to compete; no restrictions here!!!
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    Yankee Classic 2011

    Yes, this was their first competition; trust me...I go to his studio! :)
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    Blackpool 2010

    Appears that Professional RS Latin results are coming in....
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2009

    Go Jose and Joanna!
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    Carrie Ann Inaba as Nationals judge?

    I think at the very least she could emcee the entire event; it doesn't appear there's an official emcee yet. I cannot rationalize why the IDSF/USA Dance would want her to adjudicate Nationals other it being a publicity stunt, which would be ridiculous.
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championships - 2008

    Thanks for the update Gary! I can't wait for that weekend!
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championships - 2008

    What??? No thread on this comp yet? It's one of the best comps of the year! FYI, got word from a fellow dancer that the discounted rate for the Brooklyn Marriott is not available anymore as the rooms for the comp/group rate are all booked. Discuss.