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    How to Keep Hair for Comp Two Days

    In the past when I had to dance two days in a row, I just washed my hair on the first night and redid everything on the following day. But somehow I would like to keep my hairdo for two days this time. My concern is whether I will be able to sleep comfortably. Good night sleep is very important...
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    Professional Hair/Makeup Prices

    I have never used professionals for my competition hair or makeup, so I have no idea what they charge for these services. Can you give me some ideas how much they charge? Also do I need to provide, say hair decorations or eyelashes, or do they provide them? Thank you.
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    What is She Using?

    Is it just a dark pressed foundation that she puts on after putting on liquid foundation? What do you think she is using to create highlights on her face? Can you recommend any products to do something similar to what she is doing?
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    Just Curious... How did you find Dance Forums?

    I was a member of over a decade ago. I noticed people began to talk about another dance forum there, so I decided to find out what it was and landed here.
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    Switching coaches?

    I think she certainly would like to have "little chat" if she finds out how he talks about her on this forum.
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    Switching coaches?

    I found some of his remarks creepy. This will help stave off any jealousy or fears of encroachment from the breakee. (But I plan to have my lessons with "new gal" at another studio.) My goal is to be open and honest with Ms Breakee without compromising her integrity My response is that my...
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    food journal

    Bagel and coffee Conch fritters, conch salad, steamed conch, guava duff cracked conch
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    MAC 2015

    Why is it important to know the judges before the comp?
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    Am/Am Couple and NDCA Membership

    One vote is better than nothing.
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    Am/Am Couple and NDCA Membership

    I know that. I assume that if the organizers are not happy with am/am not participating their comp, they may pressure NDCA to change their rules.
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    Am/Am Couple and NDCA Membership

    Is there any am/am couple who decided not to renew NDCA membership because they don't like the decisions they have made recently. We are one of them. We don't think we will miss out much. I am pretty sure that NDCA will not miss us, because am/am couples are not the main source of their income.
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    Learning Other Languages

    I recommend Lang-8 to anyone who wishes to learn a foreign language.
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    Fallaway Whisk

    I should have said they look bunched up at the whisk position.
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    Fallaway Whisk

    Silvia didn't change her head position at all when she danced with Paolo. Alessia didn't change her head sometimes when she danced with Mirko. Delaying lady's head position change is regarded almost always good in any figure, though. I don't see too many top couples executing this figure...
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    Fallaway Whisk

    I bump this thread to see if anyone has anything to say.