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    Samba Shadow (getting in and out)

    For an intermediate level classes, how would you normally teach them to get in and out of shadow position? (and I mean they will dance on the same foot while in shadow).
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    Hey guys! I need your help

    I say is half jokingly, but you can show your appreciation by posting lots of messages and helping to keep the form active and lively :)
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    Hey guys! I need your help

    This user has been banned. I’m surprised they were able to post a link. I’ll have to check into this. Thank you for warning other people.
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    What is the structure of the article?

    I didn’t understand the question, possibly the answer is Xenforo
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    What is the structure of the article?

    Well, the "structure" of the article by the original poster was to place a link in their message so they could rank higher on search engines for "Essay Writing Service Reviews", so I thought it appropriate to change the link to a message on Huffington Post regarding "the truth about essay...
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    Releasing and catching weight in Ballroom forward and backward motion

    I would assume that when you are “falling” forward or back that the span of your legs is increasing. If you “push” too much from the standing leg, might be forcing yourself to commit your weight to the next step a bit early, yes? So there is an artistry to time spent on the standing leg as the...
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    Favorite 80s Music Video

    So what was your favorite 80s music video? For me, there were a couple that made my also mention a list including Take on Me by A-ha, and Thriller by Michael Jackson, but when I think of the one that I watched the most at the time and really loved, it it was this one
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    Story of the 1 o’clock jump

    It seems that during the big band era, some of the musicians had what they called head arrangements. All of the musicians knew them and could get together and play them, but they weren’t necessarily official songs. One of the songs I had a nickname of blue balls. One night on a radio show Count...
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    Surviving the apocalypse

    Before the age of 130 I hope to join the Mars colony. Hopefully the apocalypse can wait till after I get to Mars and win the Standard. Thinking heavier shoes are going to be needed.
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    How to bend over correctly

    Here is a great article about how some cultures bend over correctly, while it seems more common than people have back problems and western culture. They over many of the details related to properly bending over...
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    Sitting is the new smoking

    I overheard this at the dance studio the other night. And I think there is a good deal of truth here. Over a period of time, sitting can bring a huge toll on the body. So I might ask, what are some of your strategies related to sitting? How do you avoid it? When you need to sit or not stand it...
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    Just joined dancing classes, need advice

    I was the same way as you. It sounds like you are doing fine, and I’m sure it will get better and better for you.
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    coupons and other money saving activities

    Assuming you pay off your bill every month, a cash back credit card can go a long way. I know for example, PenFed offers 2% cash back on all purchases. I have racked up thousands over the years this way. I also find credit unions are way better than banks when it comes to rates and just not...
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    Best Cheap Dance Shoes

    For ballroom shoes there seems to be at least two types of buyers. The more expensive shoes come from companies like Ray Rose, Paul, Dance Naturals, Supadance, and International. Then I know companies like Very Fine, Stephanie, and Celebrity seem to offer less expensive models. But recently I...
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    Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

    ... Hi Bodell, I do first want to welcome you, and we appreciate you being here. But I need to let you know we try to avoid getting into discussion that might upset others. It is perfectly fine to point out that the music is less friendly to ballroom dancers, but there is no need to bring up...