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    Waistcoat/vest question

    Hi - my Pro has also worn a waiter's vest for showcases- very inexpensive and they come in a variety of lengths. You can find them via internet or restaurant supply stores.
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    Please tell me what dancing has done for you

    Dancing -- and by extension in my own case competing in Smooth --has enabled me to come back into a relationship with my body after a challenging illness and years of treatment. I am amazed at what my body can still do and I keep going back to the studio and my lessons energized to find out and...
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    Student Challenges Prevalent in the Pro-am Structure

    Hi fasc, I was referring to "what you need at comps" - my Pro - love him - isn't the best at getting entries in on time etc.
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    Student Challenges Prevalent in the Pro-am Structure

    I greatly enjoy dancing in competitions and showcases with my Pro. I am moving up to Open Silver and Full Closed Silver Smooth and I can see us competing right on up to Open Gold. We have chemistry, a true love of all forms of dance and we thrive on challenging choreography. We also both "hear"...
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    Any steps in your routine you can't name?

    I have gone a LONG time without being able to name most of my steps - I knew the "basics" but, not every combination. Now, working with a new coach - I am being expected to know every step, know how to dance entire routine by myself, know how to draw the steps on a diagram, know the timing of...
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    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    Getting to work with Mayo Alanen as a coach.
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    using your head in standard

    I am working on a closed to promenade super slow head change in fox-trot during a series of double locks.
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    Validity of Open Bronze and Open Silver

    I started dancing Open Bronze after 3 years in Closed Bronze and only after advancing to Full Bronze. Open Bronze choreography was created by a coach to be used as preparation for Open Gold as I learned my Closed Silver syllabus and started competing in Closed Silver. I am competing in Open...
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    When does Good Lines end and Overshaping begins ?

    Bumping this thread back up because I've been asking my pro and my coaches similar questions about shaping and over-shaping in Smooth. I've observed that in Closed Bronze and Closed Silver many of the top girls have a top line with large volume but, they don't necessarily "shape." They move big...
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    Presentation of Awards for Single Dances... or Not

    Coming in a bit late because I was at Virginia State ...Milli last year did not stop for awards for multi dances during day on smooth day.
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    Presentation of Awards for Single Dances... or Not

    I was at Milli last year and I agree with earlier comments that it was one of my favorite comps for the ballroom decor, caliber of the judges, Saturday pro show, etc. But, it was odd to see my pro walking towards me at one point during the evening with two LARGE trophies (3 feet high - they...
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    Developing Showmanship

    What an interesting thread and I'm intrigued by so many varying thoughts on showmanship and presence. Thanks Pygmalion for starting the ball rolling! Great threads never die - they stay in the archives for TC to find! :p I think there are two different and valuable streams of thought for...
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    Developing Showmanship

    I have been going back to DF threads and also asking judges, pros etc. how they define presence. I do think that some people have "it" but, I am also convinced that you can enhance it in yourself because it does involve all of the elements pygmalion described and what fasc said also. It's being...
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    Best way to attach feathers

    Thanks fasc - 8 years out this made a HUGE difference in my recovery : ) I am a little rabid though about the toxic stuff in ballroom dress construction, tanning sprays etc - I want to make sure everyone stays well and enjoys their dancing!
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    Developing Showmanship

    So the moral of the story - be certain and have great technique! Then you will have the confidence to add the artistry and showmanship!