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    Pantyhose revisited

    I always find hose to be uncomfortable but wear them anyway. The tight waistband, especially control tops, just make bulges elsewhere. Does anyone else have this problem or a solution? There's no way to get by without them as I need the color.
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    What to Wear at CW Competition

    Thanks, dancemed. I'm not competing---just watching.
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    What to Wear at CW Competition

    I am excited about spectating at Peach State this weekend (my very first CW Competition) and was wondering what I should wear. I've been to many Ballroom Competitions and know they can be very dressy so what is appropriate here? I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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    the quantal shift - good to great and fast?

    I don't post often but I have been VERY intrigued by this thread. Thanks elisedance for asking this question. As a LB dancer, I have progressed slowly over the past few years---always over analyzing. My teacher often tells me I'm thinking too much. Until now I don't think I really...
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    Paid dance Social/event with your dance teacher for the entire event time?

    My experience was dancing during the competition's evening banquet ceremonies. I was on a package from my studio and was the only student with pro. I'm not saying he should dance every dance with me. Just wondering what everyone thought.
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    Paid dance Social/event with your dance teacher for the entire event time?

    What about dancing exclusively with pro at a competition..... Should your pro dance exclusively with you during general dancing if you are his only student at a pro/am comp? I ran into this situation where I was sitting out while pro danced with others. What do you think?
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    New gown seller on ebay

    SPratt74, the prices are very reasonable. You can call for quotes--she's a very sweet person. My costume looked and fit great and I didn't have to mortgage the house. I don't post often but sometime I'm going to have to figure out how to do quotes!!
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    New gown seller on ebay

    I have bought rhinestones and glue from at a good price in case anyone is interested. I have also had costumes made and redesigned there and have been pleased.
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    Question about Dance Magazines

    Can anyone tell me if Dancing USA Magazine is still being published? I checked their website and saw that the current issue was May/June 2003. What other ballroom magazines have you found that you enjoy and can recommend?
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    Question & Observation about Hotlanta

    SDsalsaguy, you were right on target.
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    Question & Observation about Hotlanta

    I was able to attend the Saturday night events at Hotlanta and have a question. I observed some competitors pour water on the carpet and step in it before going on the floor. Why were they doing this? I thought water would ruin the soles of shoes. I had not seen this before but then I...
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    NBC News clip

    Yes, I saw it and they did a nice piece about the popularity of ballroom dancing. They filmed and interviewed some studio in Chicago who said the number of students had increased from 8,000 to 15,000 since all the ballroom publicity. They were showing what appeared to be very large classes...
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    should weight be an issue when it comes to ballroom?

    Laura, hope you are feeling better. I just sent you a message. Just remember you probably dance better than a lot of the skinnies out there. Keep the spirits up!
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    When nothing goes right in a lesson

    You have all made me feel much better about my dancing. Just maybe there's a way around that brick wall I feel like I hit. I will go to my next lesson with more determination. Thanks for all the great advice and suggestions
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    Latin Shoes

    I don't have any suggestions but I also prefer a smaller toe opening in a Latin shoe. This type feels more secure to me, too. I have trouble finding shoes that fit properly and find it almost impossible to find this type of shoe. Hopefully others will have suggestions.