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    Dancing with the Stars Season 9

    Interesting group of stars. I'm not really excited about any of them and many of them I've never hear of. I guess I'll just have to watch.
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    DwtS8 Week6

    I agree that I didn't care for the bedroom outfits for Chuck and Julianne and for Lacey and Steve-O. Just didn't care to see them in their underwear. Yes, I also don't care for the couple thing. Chuck keeps calling her "mean" when she's trying to be tough with him. He or Steve-O could leave...
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    DWTS Week 4

    I can believe how many injuries there are this season! I wonder how many "Stars" will be afraid to do this show in the future because of all the injuries?
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    DWTS8 - Week 3

    I agree about the dance off. At this point it's just painful to watch. I don't think either of them did any better than their earlier dance. I couldn't believe how the judges went on and on about how Denise did so much better! I thought she danced just as horrible, if not worse. I was glad to...
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    drop in classes

    There are quite a few drop in classes for WCS in Phoenix. You can Google the Paragon Dance Studio, Shall We Dance, Phoenix and The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club for their schedules. Monterey (Thurs. evenings) and Santa Cruz (Tues. evenings) also have drop in WCS dance classes.
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    DWTS8 - Week 3

    Oh for sure! Max in that dress was hilarious! I never expected him to do that to help Denise lighten up, but Denise still dances and acts like she's terrified. She's so uncoordinated that she is painful to watch. Woz is more fun to watch than she is. I liked Carrie Ann's comment that Gilles...
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    SYTYCD Season 4 Week 3

    I thought Comfort was going home too. I don't think it should have been Chelsea. I thought her solo was really good. I was also okay on Chris leaving. When I watched the men's solos Chris was the weakest. He doesn't have any upper body movement like the others and he's not as strong. But I liked...
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    Calling out the editors and lighting people on SYTYCD

    I noticed that last night too and thought about this post. LOL!!
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    Calling out the editors and lighting people on SYTYCD

    Yes, yes yes! I'm sooooooo sick of the "creative" filming of the dances. We just want to see the dance, not close ups of one dancer or the judges watching them. I am really getting annoyed with it. You lose the feel of the dance when they jump all over the place. Can you send your post to the...
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    SYTYCD Season 4 Week 3

    I love reading what you all see in the dances since you notice a lot of details that I don't catch since I don't dance ballroom. I really liked most of the dances this week. Not too fond of the African routine though. I just couldn't get into it. I thought the others were very entertaining. Not...
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    Cotton Eye Joe

    Where I used to dance in No. Calif. the Cotton Eyed Joe is danced as a line dance and also in a circle around the dance floor with singles or couples dancing the 10-step. We've also done the spoke thing with 3 to 5 people. It's a lot of fun and very popular!
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    What's Your Favorite Dance?

    If I only could.......:(
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    Your Favorite Tunes for: WEST COAST SWING

    Yes, we'll be at the convention in July. Wouldn't miss it. We'll see you there!
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    WCS and ECS in Las Vegas

    Great! I'm glad you had fun. We're going again in August so we'll check out Mandalay Bay's dance floor!
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    Dance instructors in Arizona

    Hello DanceFreak, My husband and I moved to Phoenix from No. Calif. about 3 years ago. We mostly dance WCS at our club and sometimes several studios will have WCS dances. I know there are several dance studios around the Phoenix area. The ones we go to the most that would have pro instructors...