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    Salsa in Philadelphia?

    I usually keep my site updated every week with Philly events that I get from a newsletter on my site. Navigate here and click Salsa in Philly and go down to on-going dance venues for the regular nights. But for any recommendations I would say depends on your level of what you...
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    Salsa Argentine Tango Song?

    Thanks everyone for your help!
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    Salsa Argentine Tango Song?

    Anyone know any tango song that leads to a salsa? Thanks for any help.
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    NY Congress roll call

    Vin & Beto, thanks for the dances!! I had an awesome time at the congress, my feet are still trying to recover, but that won't stop me from going out tonight :)
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    NY Congress roll call

    I'll be there!
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    Dancing in Philadelphia

    Hi, I answered your question in SF, but here it is here for the benefit of the others: I'm from Philly, so I can answer any of your questions and tell you the best places to go and even hang out with you at those places, just PM me. Your best bet is to sign up for the latindancescene...
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    Salsa Art - Posters & Fine Art Prints

    If you love salsa, then you should 'salsify your walls'! I'm selling affordable posters and giclees (fine art prints on stretched canvas) of my original salsa artwork. Please visit for more information and to order. Thanks! Alla
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    Is anyone going on the All-Star Salsa Cruise 2007?

    I'll be going!
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    Salsa Artwork - Cheap posters available

    Please check out my site for your salsa and dance art needs. I have 6 different salsa posters available in various sizes of my original artwork through (please go to my site first and then click on the poster you want in the poster store so that I could get credit)...
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    Salsa Art I specialize in painting salsa-themed artwork. I have giclee fine art prints and inexpensive posters available for sale. Check out my site and tell me what you think! Salsify your walls!
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    Salsa Art for sale! Posters and Giclee prints

    Hey everyone, I added some new art to my site: so check it out! It is available for sale as giclee fine art prints for $150. Also I started selling posters on (you can find the links through These are reasonably priced posters, and prices and...
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    men's Paso costume?

    I'm not sure where they got the costumes, but our local salsa group AIM (Art in motion) had a performance with a paso theme, here are the pics, you can scroll here forward and back Here's...
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    New! Salsa Art Posters

    Thanks! Yes i'd love to make a calendar with all 12 months, but i don't have enough paintings yet to fill it. I could do it and cycle them a few times, what do you think? Also what about the other products on cafepress, is there something you'd like to see the images on?
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    New! Salsa Art Posters

    I've decided to offer salsa art posters of my artwork to make it affordable for everyone! Please visit my new store at I'll be adding more products with my art soon. Also, I have a few new paintings in the works, so stay tuned. Please PM me with...
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    Salsa in Puerto Rico

    You should do that, you will have a great time, let me know if you need any info!