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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I absolutely loved Dunkirk, but I went in with the understanding it is an art movie rather than a rigid step by step docudrama. (Also, despite the express statement of the writers and producers I knew damn well who the captain of the "Moonstone" and his son were based on to the point I'm...
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    New dancer and forum member.

    My biggest complaint is when they keep apologizing! Please don't. Everyone at some point was a pain to social-dance with. If you're a lead at some point you were a new lead who knew maybe two figures, if you're a follow at some point you were a sack of potatoes being hauled around the floor...
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    Tips for New Instructor?

    Ditto that. I know when I've done something incorrectly. Don't say something is good if it's not.
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    your favorite dance movies

    Today? Note on an early screen test for Astaire for MGM, who declined to sign him: "Can't act; slightly bald; can dance a little." Even back then he was a hard sell. (Nowdays it would mostly be there's little/no market for a musical performer like Astaire or Kelly. It's easier to dub a voice...
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    did you ever have this happen to you?

    Not dancing. I fell out of an ice-dance lift onto my bum once, though. My coach felt AWFUL even though it was really my fault (it was a lift where we were in dance hold with me going forward, him going backward and I had to "step up" with one hand on his shoulder and my ankle between his knees...
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    Competitive Dancing: Has "Presentation" been sacrificed for power and speed?

    It's hard to focus on interpretation when you may end up with music you're at best indifferent to and at worst are like "Oh, my God, what is this ****?" when it comes on. I am constantly sitting there thinking "Please let me get a song I like." If it's not, then I just have to dance to the...
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    Is ballroom dance standardization a form of appropriation?

    Small point: if you patented the design of Shamwow and trademarked the name, as it's a unique object, and someone marketed it as Shamwow without paying you, welcome to patent and trademark infringement law, whether it worked or not. (Though if they were marketing it as Shamwow and it didn't...
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    A pro because you do it for a living

    See Bailamosdance's post--the problem with that in dance is quality is disconnected from the term. There are plenty of amateurs who are better dancers than many professionals. There's no standard of ability to be a professional dancer. It's really just what box you check on the entry form...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    Was it on here someone noted it's about 80-20% Foxtrot-Tango in terms of what people find difficult?
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    Dance party food Health standards

    Well, unless you're Lysoling and scrubbing your hands and wearing a mask, that's going to happen whether you eat or not.
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    It's also a good example of HOW MUCH WORK it takes to look that good that quickly. Not four hours a day with a pro who's going to pull you through the routine enough to fool viewers (remember the SCD/DWTS judges are in on the trick and not judging they way they would in a real competition) but...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    They're not actually proficient, is the thing. They can fake it for TV. In a real competition most would be completely steamrolled by ordinary pro-am students who take a lesson or two a week, because they just have the time to develop technique.
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    Just one thing, as I suppose anything's possible, but...don't use SCD/DWTS as your basis. The "stars" aren't actually good enough, 99% of the time, to even place in pro-am events against people who've spent years dancing. They look fancy because the pros on the shows are good at compensating...
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    Ballroom Dancing down 44% in Australia

    "Strictly Ballroom" was really about Baz Lurhman's experiences of Australian ballroom (or rather his mother's, IIRC) a decade before the film was set. That's why the costumes and characters were somewhat dated even at the time--on the commentary he calls it a loving parody. If anything it...
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    Studio prohibits teaching at non-profit

    Possibly they don't want to look like they're sponsoring/endorsing the event. Also, what if someone falls and hurts themselves in a class one of their instructors is teaching, is the "nonprofit" insured? If the teacher is there advertised as being from Studio X, could the injured party sue the...