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    Shakira's Hips

    I'm not sure of the specifics, but its supposed to be very good for child birth. We actually have two prenant women in our class right now and they absolutely rave about the benefits.
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    Dance Movies

    There's always The Red Shoes...ballet movie.
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    What are you reading

    I'm currently reading Blessed Child by Ted Dekker. It's fantastic!
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    Movie Title Association Game

    Where the Red Fern Grows
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    Dance Movies

    For ballet movies I really enjoyed Center Stage and One Last Dance. Two of my favorites!
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    Shakira's Hips

    While not all belly dancers are female, the male belly dancer is more uncommon. Belly dancing began as a way for women to celebrate their ancestory and as a way of preparing for childbirth. The movements (especially figure eights with the hips) are designed with the female body in mind...
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    Movie Title Association Game

    A Knight's Tale
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    i need help looking for..

    I think the lings are all videos for purchase. I'm not sure where to find just short web clips.
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    Teach me how to do this lol

    I great way to learn to body roll is to stand an inch or two away from a wall. Your face facing the wall. Now, starting around shoulder level, try to touch the front of your body against the wall. As you arch yourself away from the wall the next section of your body should touch the wall...
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    country rocks!

    Welcome to the Forums, countryangel28! And congratulations on your new love for line dancing and country music. I don't really listen to very much country so I'm not familiar with the CD, but I do know who Toby Keith is. :-)
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    Admissions specialist for a local technical college. I help students figure out what they want to do and then assist them with signing up for classes. I also will be a bellydance instructor starting in August.
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    i need help looking for..

    Welcome! I strongly recommend a class in hip hop to help with your club freestyle. If a class is not an option, you can pick up moves from videos, as suggested. For some great suggestions on videos, check out the links under Dance Instructional Videos on my website...
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    DVD, Video suggestions.

    Welcome back! I don't have recommendations on a particular video, but if you're looking for a listing, check out the links under "Dance Instructional Videos" on my site
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    2006 Movie: Take the Lead

    It's the same guy! I can't believe I didn't make that connection. Looks like I'll have to go home and watch Mad Hot Ballroom again. Still can't believe I miss that... I saw the movie on Saturday evening with my best friend and our husbands. We LOVED it! Not that I can remember names, but...