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    Chrisanne Standard Practice Skirt- Never Worn

    I'm selling a red Chrisanne practice skirt for standard or smooth on Ebay for a friend. The skirt is very high quality and has 8 panels which create beautiful movement while dancing. I own the same skirt in a different size and love it. It originally retailed for around $150. The skirt does not...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Today I had a good standard lesson- the best I have had in a long time now. I felt in control of my movement, particularly with foxtrot (which was a surprise to me) and am locking into continuous motion. Pivots made complete sense for the first time. I still have to work on using my ankles more...
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    Whatcha listening to right now?

    Poet Taylor Mali- I found his videos while stumbling around on youtube and I'm now a fan:D
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    SYTYCD Season 4 Week 5

    I'm so glad that the dancers from Alvin Ailey performed! I've been a huge fan of the company's work since I first watched Revelations on PBS years ago. My modern dance professor for next semester used to dance for the company, so I am certainly looking forward to the class. This season has been...
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I haven't seen any new movies either, but I watched Donnie Darko earlier this week. The film has a few flaws, but it's wonderfully twisted and original. I really enjoyed it.
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championships - 2008

    Congrats Samina!!! :D
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    Millennium 2008

    The pictures I took have been posted. Standarddancer, I will ask a moderator about creating a subforum.
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    standard shoes that don't hurt

    I have wide feet in the front, but a couple of the toes on one foot are longer. It feels fine with a couple of band-aids. The shoes fit my smaller foot well, and as whole are comfortable. I don't think I can win with getting court shoes to fit both feet perfectly- when I danced ballet, I...
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    ballet fun for ballroom dancers

    Cool! I'm also taking a dance class at my university next semester- I'm taking intro to modern dance. The classes which build in levels (ballet, modern, jazz, choreography) are only open to majors and minors at my school. If this class goes well, I'm considering auditioning for the school of...
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    Read any good books recently?

    I just finished Breakfast of Champions- I loved Vonnegut's economical use of language to send such strong messages- trippy illustrations, but it's definitely a book that will stick with me. I'm curious to read his other works. Previous to reading that, I read Lolita- difficult subject matter...
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    standard shoes that don't hurt

    Are standard shoes meant to be completely comfortable? ;) I wear the 1008 in a 4.5 wide with tights. I still have to wear band-aids on a couple of my toes on my right foot since the foot and toes are slightly longer, and otherwise the knuckles of my toes will rub off and bloody.
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    Millennium 2008

    Hmm. . . my attendance to various competitions has been limited lately (hoping to change that in the near future), but considering that we have dancers on this board from all over the United States and various other countries, and given past diaries written about competitions, I'd say it's...
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    Millennium 2008

    Ooh- I like this idea. . . I like it a lot :D I have to ponder this thought further. . would other people be interested in helping to make this possible? I'm so glad to hear that everyone had such a wonderful time- it still amazes me that such a high profile and successful competition graces...
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    Millennium 2008

    Yes, I've noticed what 234 is talking about (I avoid reading the large dancesport publications outside of looking for comp results), and I just hope that my writing does not share those qualities ;) Even though I have little experience in journalistic writing, I'm studying English literature and...
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    Millennium 2008

    Thanks for the compliments! I enjoyed writing the report- it's a fun break from a year of academic papers in literary criticism ;) dance234- I'm sorry you feel that way, but that was my honest view about the competition. This is the fourth year I've gone, and while I've had more critical views...