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    Riccardo & Yulia 2010 World Professional Latin Champions

    Ahhhhhhhhhh omgggg. It's about freakin time :)))
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    Injury Support Group

    thanks for all the advice everyone! to follow up I did get my foot x-rayed. Turns out i have an evulsion fracture in my right big toe as well as it is sprained. Dr suspects it's from overuse. It's so painful when I dance but it won't keep me from it.....he said no physical activity but i'm in...
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    Injury Support Group

    Wondering if anyone has expirienced this or something similar. For over a month i've had bad pain on the ball of my foot(only right foot) mainly the area near & under my big toe. It's bad enough that it's hard to bear weight on it or point it. I have been away from dance for about 3 weeks b/c of...
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    Grey's Anatomy

    i do!
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    yesterday's activities

    cousins wedding. I was a bridesmaid since my cousin is like my big sister! First wedding that I've stood up in & had an amazing time. Lessons on tuesday should be interesting since I danced to every single song at the reception basically and I can hardly bend my calfs:eek: plus i got like 2...
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    levels and time

    For me bronze took longest because I had to adjust to dancing with a partner..since I had previously danced ballet/jazz for quite some time. I was in bronze for a little over a year..and did my first comp. in bronze after a year exactly. I did silver for about 8 months or so but only competed...
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    yesterday's activities

    enjoying last day in NYC --Breakfast in fancy hotel restaurant....pancakes were 20 dollars...only in new york! --off to worldtone dance to exchange latin shoes since day before grabbed wrong box..that weren't narrow! ahhh -- Cab to different part of upper east side. go in some shops & such...
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    The Shopping / Buying Thread !!!

    back from NYC with new latin shoes...thank the lord & shoes for standard since after 2.5 years of only latin I decided to give standard a try!
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    Empire State Dancesport Championships 2012

    i will be in NYC...not at comp. though :( good luck to everyone!:)
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    Windy City Open, Chicago IL Sept 3-5

    not this year :( Too close to the beginning of school & new routines are not ready!
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    equal time...steps you love...and why

    currently love : sliding doors in the different variations you can do. & I'm on the same page as fasc...I'm loving samba too....must be my new routines!
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    steps you hate...and why

    currently anything jive. gahh
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    Volunteer State Dance Challenge

    My thoughts. She had said they wanted to do something different & more original since they were finally back competing. I love the costume suits her well. I love old hollywood though :cool:
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    Volunteer State Dance Challenge

    She is my coaches wife & her costume actuallu came up in discussion at my lesson today & she basically said what the response from dance beat says. She is wearing the dress to next comp. I'm glad someone posted a picture she had described it to me earlier this summer but I couldn't visualize it!
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    The Shopping / Buying Thread !!!

    a vintage louis vuitton at thrift store! & as usual...some diet coke.