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    DUI (Dancing under the Influence)

    When we have dinner/dances we often have a bottle of wine between us at dinner, and normally that is fine but there was one time where I had a little too much wine ... I found it nearly impossible to remember steps and keep track of where we were in the routine, so that pretty much put me off...
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    What are you reading

    Um ... unfortunately I still haven't started it :oops: I took it to bed last night with every intention of starting it but fell asleep instead! But my best friend who recommended/loaned it to me said it was a bit slow to start with but then really grabs you and you can't put it down. I'll...
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    What are you reading

    Just finished Dude, Where's My Country, about to start The Da Vinci Code (this is of course when I am not reading fascinating articles on Employment Relations for my extramural study)! Maybe "fascinating aricles on Employment Relations" should be in the Oxymora thread ... :lol:
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    Things you do alone

    You sound a lot like me LauraB! I often think I'm a bit of an antisocial freak :? so it's really reassuring to hear others are like me! (Not that I'm calling you a freak, mind ... just nice to know that I'm not a freak! :oops: ) It took my SO a while to get used to the idea but now he...
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    Ten Years Ago

    10 years ago I'd just turned 18, was half-way through my first year of university and enjoying all the pleasures and poverty that that experience entails. I was living in a hostel, had my first "serious" boyfriend (if you know what I mean ... ) and I can't say that anything terribly traumatic...
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    How expensive is your dance "hobby"?

    I guess I'm just going to ditto a lot of stuff that's already been said. I voted for moderately expensive as I just have one of everything that I need (i.e. shoes, outfits etc) and I don't take private lessons at this stage, just group classes. However, it's about to move into the "expensive...
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    "Shall We Dance" - coming october 15th

    Hi Lissie, welcome to the Forums. Nice to see another Kiwi on board! Was that the Capital City champs you were referring to by any chance? The movie may be opening October 15th same as the US, but it's opening October 21st in Australia so could be either of those dates really. ...
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    "Shall We Dance" - coming october 15th

    That was my main concern too (I think we've had this conversation in an earlier thread?) I've kind of decided that I'm just going to forget about the cultural context and try and enjoy it at face value, because otherwise it will be a disaster. At the moment it looks okay. I had the exact...
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    when's y o u r birthday?

    How did I miss this thread before? I'm all for the idea of keeping track of and celebrating everyone's birthday. (Maybe we need to add cake smiley to the emoticon library?! :lol: ) As for me, I'm August 27th 1976, so that makes me (another) Virgo, and Fire Dragon (hence the name/avatar)...
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    Advantages of spending the Holidays (Christmas) on one's own

    Last Christmas was a low key affair for us as it was spent without the extended family - just me, my partner and my parents. The biggest advantage (most of all for Mum) was that rather than the big hot meal in the middle of the day ... that no-one ever really feels like eating anyway since it's...
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    Dear Santa

    I insist on leaving all my Christmas shopping until at least early December. I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit unless I'm surrounded by thousands of other stressed-out shoppers crammed into the Warehouse or K-Mart with tinny Christmas Carols piped through the speakers and mounds...
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    "Shall We Dance" - coming october 15th

    Hmmm ... I can't seem to find any reference to it on NZ movie sites. Garfield, Alien vs. Predator (!?!?!) and the Spongebob Squarepants Movie (!?!?!?!?!?!) I can find with no problem, but nothing on movies about ballroom dancing ... well it opens in Australia on October 21st so I'm assuming...
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    "Shall We Dance" - coming october 15th

    Well, I have to admit I was sceptical at first, seeing as how the original Japanese version - even viewed without subtitles while I was living in Japan - was what first inspired me to dance ... but the trailer actually looks pretty good! I agree with dTas, hope they can keep it up for the whole...
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    You too can see Fast Results (snicker)

    Good luck ponidancer - this can only make you stronger. Keep dancing hard out and that will help you achieve your goals! :kissme:
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    esrever gnidaer ro gnitirw

    Me too! My sister and I used to call each other Tegdirb and and Eilatan and always used to experiment with reading and writing backwards as kids. (Hey, we lived in the country, before the days of Internet and Playstation, so we did nerdy stuff like that to amuse ourselves, okay?!). Haven't...