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    Attach fringe

    You definitely don't want to "rip the single piece of fringe off the track", because the whole thing will come apart no matter how well glued it is. The way to attach beaded fringe in single threads is to use the bunched bead drops sold by major suppliers (e.g. Chrisanne). You then sew (not...
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    Hotel Room Available for OSB

    I have a room I will not be using at the Crowne Plaza, for the nights of Friday and Saturday. If interested, pm me. Please note that I am in the middle of traveling so will not reply for another 36 hours.
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    Buying Tango Shoes in Buenos Aires

    I just found out I will be traveling to Brazil (Rio), Montevideo (Uruguay), and most likely Buenos Aires, which is very close to Montevideo. So of course I am thinking of buying shoes. My question is: Is there a significant price difference in buying shoes (CIF, or similar) locally in Latin...
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    Dance Legends in April

    Well, it's over, and it was fantastic. I plan on getting the video recording of the two nights, which will be available for $175. But I didn't keep my program so I will have to find out how to order it. I wish that, instead of compiling and editing the three cam feeds (that I could see), they...
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    Dance Legends in April

    I notice that, in trying to buy tickets, you get the 2-evening discount ONLY if you get the same seat for both nights. You get a better selection of seats if you buy the ticket for each night individually, but the online app does not calculate a discount in this case. That doesn't seem quite...
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    Which cities are best for large ballroom communities?

    And what is the scene in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill in North Carolina? I am seriously interested in moving there, or to Tampa, Florida. Dancing would be a major factor in my decision.
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    Life is Hard Thread

    Hugs to Tanya and her family. I am so sorry to hear this news.
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    UK Open 2012

    The first day is over, and two US couples made it in the Rising Star Pro Latin: Yegor Novikov and Yana Blinova (First Place) Ivan Mulyavka & Loreta Kriksukaityte (Third Place) I would also have placed Andrey Strinadko & Tatiana Banko in the final, but they only made the semi. The US also won...
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    Help in finding a school in Shanghai

    Goggle gave me the following suggestions - I tried "dance studio shanghai": Ballroom Dance School Jingan Cultural Palace 459 Urumqi Road (N) Tel: 6248-4420 Latin Dance Contact: Dorena Mobile: 135 6476 5332 Salsa/Latin/Ballroom 3F 9 Zhenning Road Oriental Garden Dance Studio Tel...
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    Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko - WSSDF 2011.

    I tend to disagree. I see more depth and maturity in their dancing, as well as more musicality and fluidity. It's as if they are transcending the actual steps into a more organic form of dancing. I also see a lot of the influence of Donnie Burns, who is now their main coach. Some of the...
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    Australian Dance Champions ejected from Nationals for wearing Freedom to Dance sash

    What else would be really worth fighting over - other than money and power, I mean? :-) Of course it's a struggle over power of representation and ultimately power of earning revenues.
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    Australian Dance Champions ejected from Nationals for wearing Freedom to Dance sash

    The dispute between the two major organizations is much more complex. A major sore point was the issue that amateurs in certain countries were allowed to teach and earn significant money, while other countries did not allow that. In essence, there was no distinction between professional and...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2011

    You're right. When I mentioned attendance being down I was referring to spectators. The heats themselves were as packed as ever, it seemed to me.
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    Ohio Star Ball 2011

    Some thoughts about this year's OSB: - Attendance seemed to be significantly lower than before. During the champ pro-am latin, the ballroom was virtually empty. Four or five years ago, it was standing-room-only (for spectators), even on the balconies. Throughout my rounds in the vendor area...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2011

    Not usually. It's a huuuuuge place.