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    Ballroom style

    Good dancers, but way to flashy for my personal taste. I'm not into choreography either.
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    Distinguishing between types of hyper-active following

    Thank you for this very precise description from the follower’s point of view. Yes it’s very delicate and subtle, and the timing is essential. I think I’m on the right track, but will keep this in mind over the next classes and milongas
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    Good tango music for practice

    A little update. I tried 2 Di Sali records for my practica, skipping over the waltzes. The first was a success, and I recognized many of the songs from class and milonga. The second one was very poor in the recording with significant clipping and distortion, and not worth to play again. Only...
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    Distinguishing between types of hyper-active following

    Dancing together is all about cooperation and adaptation. This part fascinates me. I lead. But it’s not a leading like a dictator, master/slave or with followers like sheep as noted somewhere. It’s about communication without words. It’s about starting up easy and tuning in to each other...
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    Distinguishing between types of hyper-active following

    Then I would properly step on her toes, or push her off ballance. If the follower just do whatever she pleases then it's not tango, and not even a dance for two.
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    Distinguishing between types of hyper-active following

    The leaders are also followers I lead the dance by starting a movement or direction of energy in my body. Then the lady interprets my lead and executes my lead into dance and movement. Then I follow the lady’s movement. So if I don’t lead something clear enough, or lead something I...
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    Distinguishing between types of hyper-active following

    Very nicely put into words..... I would like to be dancing with you!
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    Good tango music for practice

    Good question and you are on spot regarding rhythm and the melodic structure. This thread now already contains a ton of information for me to digest. I’m on it. Let me see if I can help you tailoring something specific for me then. My current status as I evaluate myself. I don’t have...
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    When you dance who do you dance for?

    When I go dancing I go for me. I go to have a good time, to smile, to learn, to play and to feel good. Hopefully I will…….. When I dance I dance for my partner and with my partner, to give her, and thus myself the best dance possible with what we got. That goes for the best comfort level of...
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    Good tango music for practice

    Thanks for all the input and suggestions so far. I appreciate it all. We don’t have spotify in Denmark, but my internet provider have a similar thing, and then there’s youtube as suggested. So I am in the process of listening, and finding out what fits me, before getting the good...
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    Good tango music for practice

    I have been dancing salsa for years, but now I have started on tango lessons and loving it. I have the luxury of having a wonderful dance partner, and opportunities from time to time to practice on the living room floor, to get the smooth tango flow implemented in the small basic patterns...
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    What should I do?

    For me dancing is when my partner and I are having a good time on the dancefloor. Leading new patterns or complicated patterns often make dancers rush through the difficult parts. Thus skipping the beat and the timing with the partner. I tend to do that too. The point is to notice where...
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    Building balance for Salsa dancing

    Here is what really helped me out: My partner and I designed a little practice to get in contact with the grounding used in various combat sports. It’s quite simple actually, but you need a partner to do this. Put on some music, and do the basic steps only. Let your partner walk around...
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    Is it common for a newbie to stare away from his/her partner?

    Short version: Yes Welcome to DF
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    How long did you dance On1, before learning to dance On2?

    I had been dancing 2 years, when trying the on2. In a period I could not with either of the styles. That’s the reason why I wanted to learn Cuban, O2 and on3 for that matter. Having fun dancing with a visiting on2 salsera from NY, made it worth it But frankly, I don’t like the on2...