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    Dancing with closed eyes. Is that wierd?

    I also do this when I want to make sure I can feel what my student leads are leading. If I can't feel their lead, I don't move! ***Just don't do this when you are very tired because it makes it difficult to open your eyes again! lol!***
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    Learning salsa/merengue/bachata in three days

    I guess that would depend on how much they were able to retain, as well as how many hours they actually were dancing/practicing in that time period. I know when I taught my students a Bachata Casino Rueda, they picked it up quite quickly and did quite well with it (most of them) in less than...
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    Salsa pains

    I have had a lot of back/leg/foot(toe) pain. Acupuncture helped releive the tightness, followed by IMS (intramuscular stimulation) to get the muscles to relax even further. I would totally agree with strengthening exercises, stretches after dancing, resting it as well as cold/hot applications.
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    Salsa Vacations

    I am thinking that the prices will definately go up if anything should happen... <_<
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    Hand movement

    When I dance with Cubans, there is some movement and I don't feel uncomfortable about it. While dancing ballroom style, little pushes/pulls to make sure the follow is stepping where you want them to isn't distracting and actually benefitial.
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    salsa friends in cuba?

    I will be in Jibacoa from January 4th to 11th! Jibacoa is half way between Varadero and Havana.
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    Salsa Vacations

    Thank you!!! I am going to be in Jibacoa, visiting Varadero and Havana from January 4th to 11th. I'm going with my long time friend and I'm bringing my puppy back here!
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    Dance Channel TV

    mmmmaybe, maybe not...
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    Song with Tempo variations

    Gipsy Kings - A Mi Manera (Comme d'Habitude)
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    How can I teach my students to dance to slower music?

    Have you tried putting on the slower Salsa music at the beginning of the class? Or teaching something new to it? Even better (as said above), start the class off with a demonstration to it! Students seem to have a more difficult time slowing down their Salsa once they have danced faster Salsa.
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    tangled fingers/hands

    I teach the leads and follows to have cup and pin, but I also make them use their fingertips as the connection. So the lead gently presses against the follow's figertips (and vice versa) which causes the lead and follow's hands to have a connection. If the lead leads a turn, the follows...
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    Salsa Vacations

    I have gone to Cuba a lot this year and even though I go by myself (for the most part), I would like to do more salsa while I am there. I looked up Salsa Vacations and found a couple that sounded interesting. (One is KeytoCuba with a teacher named Kerry out of England.) Has anyone taken one...
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    Just got the oddest comment ...

    I also said I would tell them that they are pushing too hard. Another tactic that I have used is releasing my pressure so that their hand keeps going - kind of like when I drop my arm and the follow's arm falls too. Or maybe I just get my point across better to them because they know I am a...
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    Just got the oddest comment ...

    How I tell my leads they are being forceful is by telling them physically and verbally if they question or don't understand what I am trying to say physically. E.g. When a lead is pushing hard/constantly my right hand/arm when we are in a closed position lead I push right back. If they look at...
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    Just got the oddest comment ...

    When I feel a lead or a follow being too forcefull or not pulling their own I show them that they are being forceful. I have to prepare myself because I never know what is going to end up happening, but they get the drift pretty quickly. ***Example: A follow is being really heavy with her arm...