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    Mirko & Alessia's last Tango (at the World's Most Important Competition 2009) wow, much crazier looking than usual - even for them. Still super clean though~~
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    Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidovs Waltz WSS 2008

    Hmm... I dont think it's me. They're not always on every measure, I looked at check points 0:45, 1:13, 2:45, they match and the video doesn't change speed the entire time. If you look at the version on my YT channel, there's a bit smoother but less detailed version of the same video. Maybe...
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    Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidovs Waltz WSS 2008

    Of their 2008 WSS dances, this is my favorite one:
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    UK OPEN 2007 Professional Standard Finals

    Bit late, but good stuff Waltz Tango Foxtrot Quickstep
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    Critique Critique~

    Critique this guy, please! Head staring at the ceiling? Awkward body positions? Needs a better haircut? Any critique on any of the dances would be great. Btw, the ones last time were awesome My partner's wearing the red dress Waltz Quickstep Foxtrot Tango A big thanks to...
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    Andre Paramonov & Natalie's Rumba Showdance

    They are the current World Latin Showdance Champions 2007 and this is the routine that won them the title
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    Andre Paramonov & Natalie's Rumba Showdance

    This and the Vaida & Jurga Retro showdance were my favorite dances of the night. Very enjoyable to watch.
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    Vaidas & Jurga's Retro Latin Showdance

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    Arunas & Katusha Tango

    Whatever it takes to remind me to breathe~ I can't stop watching the vid, such awesome open promenade walks
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    Arunas & Katusha Tango

    Absolutely Mesmerizing...
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    WSS 2007 Standard

    Mirko & Alessia Tango
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    A short Luca & Lorraine Slow Foxtrot Demo

    A short Luca & Lorraine Foxtrot Demo name of the music playing is ??
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    Max & Yulia - Pirates of the Carribean

    here's one with the extended ending & slightly enhanced quality if anyone's interested
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    WSS 2007 Standard

    Some of my favorite performances from 2007: William & Alessandra Tango Mirko & Alessia Quickstep Mirko & Alessia Waltz
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    Max Kozhevnikov & Yulia Zagoruychenko the Matrix

    I've been getting so many requests for this vid. Here it is, enjoy~