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    The #metoo movement and how it applies to the dance community

    The two ways I get out of an extended conversation, are to say, "It's been great catching up! I think I'm going to go dance this one", when a new song comes on, or invite the other person to dance, and then say, "thanks!" and walk in a different direction after the dance.
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    NBC World of Dance, Season 2

    I really liked this one, although I agreed with the BR judge's note that they needed a little more variety. It was wonderful to see full, connected, lead-follow oriented partner dancing.
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    Beats in Swing music

    You lost me completely with those ratios. What do they refer to? My general take with jazz is that if you're dancing right on the beat you're probably too early. But, then, how late is too late? A lot of that I think depends on the song, and different songs have wider or narrower beats. I...
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    AT lessons in San Francisco?

    Thanks for the pointers! I love how centered the AT dancers are when I meet them Lindy Hopping, but haven't seen one in a while to figure out where to start lessons.
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    AT lessons in San Francisco?

    I'm curious about AT -- does anyone know of good beginner lessons for AT in San Francisco, CA? I'm completely new to it, but have a fair amount of experience in Lindy Hop.