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    8CB - history

    Yes (between). The counts stay with the follower's steps. However, as part of teaching it, we do variations on the timings (using quick beats at different places). That's why it isn't taught on day one.
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    8CB - history

    Some call that the 8 count cross system basic, although the back step was included when I was taught it. I teach it as well, but not on the first class, but more typically on the third class, as part of the insturction on the cross.
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    Degree of closeness and figure frequency

    My experience is more that I don't want to do fancy figures when in a great embrace, (not so much that I can't).
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    There are some "quirks" after the new upgrade we are running on.
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    How do you answer this question?

    I actually don't have a real problem with a woman asking the question, (although if she does, she needs to be able to handle the truth). Normally, I'd try to diplomatically answer the question, or if I couldn't, I'd just say, I don't know (which actually could be true). Sometimes we simply get...
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    If enough women aren't coming at all, then advertising might be part of the problem. If women do come, and then drop out, it's either the teacher doing something they don't like, or the men are doing something they don't like (which also could be an issue with the teaching).
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    Aesthetics, Technique and Connection

    FWIW, Daniela used to be an Engineering Professor at MIT, and left, to pursue tango full time. Tango can do that to you. :)
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    I've seen several posts about the desirability basic walking. Until people stop doing so many stationary figures for long periods of a song, basic walking is not a viable possibility, (unless they pass the people who are blocking the lane). IMO, the people who want to do figures all the time...
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    I'd agree that lack of respect is a factor, along with just plain selfishness, which seems to be increasing in society as a whole. Now I certainly don't think all people are like this, but more seem to be only concerned with what they want, and are unconcerned with how there actions effect...
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    Height difference; avoid, open embrace, or some other strategy?

    Certainly when the heights line up, it's easier and more enjoyable, especially with close embrace. The only encouragement I can offer is that there are tall women out there, and you'll be very popular with them, if you keep with it.
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    Contracontrabody Movement Cross System?

    I call the opposite movement, the Frankenstein walk. Believe it or not, some people do naturally walk that way, (and it's hard to get them to stop doing it). Personally, I view CBM as a form of cadencia (walking with style). My advice is to use it when it's helpful (or you're going for a...
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    Miles apart embrace

    It (meaningful) can be any of those. That's the challenge with English.
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    Cheapest private lessons in Europe?

    I haven't lived anywhere else, so I don't actually know.
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    Cheapest private lessons in Europe?

    1) $15 is nothing for many (if not most) of the students that can afford to go to Harvard. 2) Consider the possibility that there are reasons other than finances, for a certain demographic distribution. Things such as: the gender balance, the existing demographics, the time to become...
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    Recommended teaching videos?

    Hi John. Welcome to the forum!