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    Partner tryout/first lesson

    I would suggest don't change your routines/rituals too much, just for your new partner yet. Dance partner might come and go for various reasons, for example, my previous partner had to move for a new career opportunities. So don't be "too nice" too quickly until you are sure of and comfortable...
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    New dancer and forum member.

    entheos, welcome! I started dancing in my 40s, so you are definitely way ahead of me! And this year, I competed at Harvard Invitational and MIT open, against hundred couples of college "kids". And made to finals both time, although it was at a pretty low level - silver. Still that gave me...
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    Partner - To Keep or Not To Keep

    i am so glad this thread was revived. I am looking for a partner right now. And Dr. Dance's advice is worth more than gold! I will use that as my checklist in my search. Also, just curious, if dancingirldancing is still around the forum. How is the partnership after 8+ years? BTW, is there...
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    10 Questions for every Latin/Ballroom dancer on this forum!

    1. Do you dance, Latin or Ballroom or Both? both 2. Do you compete? If yes, in what level and category? Yes. Standard, moving from silver to gold. But partner is in the process of dumping me. 3. Which is your favourite dance in Ballroom? All 5. Started loving waltz, then foxtrot...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2014

    I just checked the local PBS programming, dates and times are still as the above. Just a reminder :)
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    Students that Amaze You

    in my last comp, a gentleman was shooting for the "Top Student" award, he at least danced 30+ heats when I was there, since I only attended international standard, he probably did much more heats, and he was 74!
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    dumb question again

    I pay $185 to the visiting coach plus the usual to my pro per 45 minutes. It is expensive (but much cheaper compare to a competition :) I only do it 3-4 times a year. It is money well spent! The VC brings a total different perspective and fresh eyes!!! Her visits somehow reminds me of my...
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    Crush on Instructor...

    of course, I have a crush on my pro. She is beautiful, gorgeous and so so so nice to me. For example, we danced a run-through in front of her teacher this Monday, and the teacher's teacher was appalled on how much I pulled my pro on my back steps. Another example, during my comp, she really...
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    After my first comp ever, about 2 weeks ago. I learned not to watch my comp videoes afterwards :) During the comp, I thought I was full of musicality and my facial expressions was so in tune with the music, I felt so good about myself... But when I watched the video, OMG!!! what a horror...
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    pre-competition disorder

    my first ever comp this coming Saturday. Really worried about being able to get up on time, I started to woke up really early since last weekend, around 3 or 4 each morning. But I am really afraid I will overslept on Saturday. ( my pro told me to be there before 6 am. (comp starts at 7) 45...
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    Beginner: What would you do?

    I am a beginner too. I had about 2+ years of group lessons before taking private lessons. It started as once a week group lesson, my wife forced me into it. But shockingly to myself, I started to like dancing. At the beginning of last summer, I realized I was taking about 4 group lessons...
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    Is dancing unhealthy? Body image issues related to dance

    I was quite shocked to read the topic title. Body image issues, definitely! but "Dancing unhealthy"?! I started dancing standard seriously since last summer (started taking private lessons) and I lost 15 pounds so far, so I always associate dance with "great for my health". I am in the...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    RiseNFall, thank you so much!!! I was quite discouraged watching my own videoes (wife taped me), and also I am having huge problems with my body type - wife always told me I am more a butcher than a dancer. But the blog you mentioned in your post, it is so inspiring!!! While only read her...
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    best pro-am competition in Boston

    Thanks for all the replies! If Yankee Classic requires a tail suit, then I will dance BBC, otherwise it will be Yankee.
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    best pro-am competition in Boston

    My pro talked to me last week about entering my first competition. Just like everybody mentioned, the comp is really expensive, so at least for the next 2-3 years, I will be able to do only one comp per year. I am in boston, so any suggestions for which pro-am comp is the best for the great...