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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Is this being done in an attempt to make judging couples easier and more fair?
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    Before the Lesson starts

    Warm up and stretch and mentally adjust to leave the day behind and be focused on the lesson. Basics in all the dances.
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    Does anyone know if there are any new rules coming up that will affect bronze and silver rhythm?
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    Latin shoes too long?

    I just started getting my shoes for competition custom made to have a wide toe box in a 1/2 size smaller.
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    Tips for New Instructor?

    What level of students are you teaching? Brand new bronze group classes or open gold competitive students? That makes a big difference. Know what you are is very specialized....don't teach a style that you really have minimal information about. Continue to learn yourself and...
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    I agree. In order to continue dancing I had to come up with a firm budget. I pay all my bills including credit cards and put the max away for retirement. The dance budget comes out of discretionary funds and if I need more than I work more. Dance can be full of temptations....' I want a new...
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    Dance Longevity

    I eat mostly a plant based diet including omega 3 diet products but I will eat eggs and chicken. No meat products and I avoid fatty, fried and sugary foods. I don't jog as that is bad for my knees but I use the recumbent bike. I stretch and do PT based exercises for strength. I get monthly deep...
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    Dance Longevity

    I think the ability to continue to dance as we age is part lifestyle modifications ( proper diet, exercise etc), and unfortunately part genetics. I have had knee issues for almost two years now and they have only marginally responded to PT, diet changes, steroid and filler injections and a...
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    You looked so beautiful out there!!
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    pre-competition disorder

    3 competitions over 3 weeks.....this will be the most I've ever done in a row. Trying to make sure I have everything scheduled and ready because the next 3 weeks look like this... Work, tan, pack, fly, dance, return, repack, retan, work, fly, dance, get the idea! I'm so excited!
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    pre-competition disorder

    That will be a nice relaxing trip before Galaxy! I love Sedona!
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    Why do you dance (competitive ballroom)? Why you compete?

    I enjoy competing as well. It helps me set goals for my dancing and it's fun! It also helps to see the changes in me from the inside, as competing requires a level of vulnerability that I was not comfortable with. It also requires a level of understanding how to process results.. both the good...
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    New here, few questions!

    Some competitors do one style, all 4 styles or anything in between. Common combinations are doing rhythm and smooth or standard and Latin...but there are some that also do rhythm and Latin or smooth and standard. Very rare to find someone who does rhythm and standard tho! As the levels get more...
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    Planning for 2018!

    Any opinions about San Francisco Open? I was also looking at that one.
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    Planning for 2018!

    I've done Galaxy before and will do it again this year. It's beautiful and it's my teacher's home town comp so only I have to travel for this one.