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    Custom making ballroom dresses in China?

    I am meeting Cielo agent at Blackpool this week to order new dresses.
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    Custom making ballroom dresses in China?

    Glad to have helped. Try in Vietnam. Thomas is very good. Being a pro dancer himself, he knows the dance world. He will put swarovski stones on your dress if requested or try a new small designer in Netherlands Amelia Petrillo (also on Facebook). Her prices are pretty good and the...
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    Custom making ballroom dresses in China?

    Beware dancers on Ebay of Floriabeauty and Mainmainshop that say they are based in Hong Kong. The ballroom and latin dresses are very badly made and inferior quality. The sellers take the photos from "real designers" websites and copy them with inferior materials. Any photo with Seahunter and...
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    Custom making ballroom dresses in China?

    Hi there, I bought practice wear from Aida and asked for the skirt to be made a little longer as i am tall. The top and skirt came and I have to say, I was very satisfied with them. A good seller. I recommend Aida. Denise x
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    My New Dress has arrived!!! but is Missing Stones :(

    Hi there, Yes send them the photos and show them the places the stones are missing. Maybe they could post them out to you and give you a discount to get the underside of the dress altered yourself as it will be better than reposting it back and it possibly getting damaged more in the mail...
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    Partner Search Dilemma. Need your opinion ladies

    Yes a dance partnership at this level has to be 50/50. Give and take especially as you got to work to pay for it all. I'd agree with Standarddancer above, tell the guy to cover the studio costs himself if he can find a partner willing to travel at the moment to him for practice as he can't...
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    Help finding a male dance partner in their thirties

    Hey Guys, Still searching for a dance partner for competitions. Does anyone know of places to seacrh as I've run out of ideas. I've tried a number of sites but to no avail. Thanks
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    Rainbow Tailsuits or pre-owned?

    Arthur Ashley in the Uk do fantastic tall suits. He may have a website. If not try for his details/contact number or indeed Dancesport which are 100% fantastic. A bit pricey but hey if you wanna look gr8 on the floor, it's worth the investment. Best of luck in...
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    Help finding a male dance partner in their thirties

    Hi SdSalsaGuy, Thanks for your interest. I live in Ireland and I'm 5ft 8" (173cm) tall wos. So I guess a guy that 5ft 11"(180cm) or taller would be a good match for dancing. I would move if there was the right dance partnership there, as I would very much like to be out on the dance...
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    Help finding a male dance partner in their thirties

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the advise guys, but I must be just missing finding a dance partner as I've been to all the websites you mentioned on numerous occasions and its been to no avail. What to do next, I don't know as I'm running out of ideas and would dearly love to be competing again.
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    require some dance videos

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    Help finding a male dance partner in their thirties

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this website and am enjoying reading all your points of view. However one predicament for me is trying to find a tall male dance partner. I have searched every website/ attended competitions and there doesn't seem to be any tall guys around in their mid thirites who want...
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    Luca and Loraine Baricchi

    They are just fabulous. Thanks for the link.
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    Next DWTS-Who Would You Like To See?

    Patrick Swayze would be great. He is the coolest.
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    Nashville Starz -- who is going?

    I wish you the best of luck. And enjoy your day.