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    How to handle this

    I'm so glad you posted this thread because I had a little experience at a class once that I was a little conflicted about. Well, there was this one girl who was an "advanced" beginner who probably could have gone to intermediate if she choose but instead stayed at the beginner level. However...
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    One legged Salsero

    Hey guys, I thought that some of you might find this interesting. There's a guy who has only one leg and he put together a little video clip of him doing some shines and light partner work. Nice inspiration of people expressing themselves regardless of their obstacles...
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    Simple salsa music?

    I think its a challenge for a lot of beginners and in particular non-spanish speaking people who are trying to "get" salsa music. Aside from suggestions its also just a good idea to listen to a lot of Salsa overall and I mean regularly, at least daily, if you're interested in getting a good...
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    The social aspect of Salsa.

    Thanks for the welcome Samina... in response to your comment, uhm... I think there are men who do keep their chest hair groomed and combed. They're scary. Hehe
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    The social aspect of Salsa.

    Hi everyone. I live in New York where I occasionally get together with some friends to go out Salsa dancing. Whenever we do we tend to dance amongst ourselves, in particular to spare our female friends the pleasure of High Karate Cologne, open collar shirt, gaudy gold chains and unkempt chest...