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    What dance music moves you?

    I am like you. It is certain songs and musicians for all types of dances that make me want to dance. When I go to a dance, I break the music into 2 categories. Music you can do a particular dance to and music that you want to do a particular dance to.
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    "Whoever started that should be horsewhipped!"

    Samba line dance is popular in Southeast Wisconsin, most DJs give instructions to stay on half of the floor, if you are line dancing. One place we go they do a chacha line dance. Line dances are popular, when there is not an even balance between men and women at dances.
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    Has Dancing Been The Best Thing For You?

    Taking up dancing has definitely been a real positive step. It definitely has been something that greatly exceeded expectations. We expected to go dancing a few times each year, that turned into every week, than daily during a cruise each year. We were looking for something to do together when...
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    Learning Experience, don't forget to eat

    I am not a competitive dancer, just a social dancer. But since we drive about an hour to dance, I want to make sure I can dance the whole dance time. I always try to eat well before any exercise, dancing, biking, hiking etc.. and carry some Marathon/snickers energy bars, in case my system does...
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    Why don't guys dance?

    I think guys are much more likely to stick with it, if they have private lessons. I started with private lessons along with my wife and I think that helped a lot. I know some teachers do a good job in group lessons of teaching technique, put I think private lessons increase the chance of someone...
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    Dancing on MSC Orchestra

    We just returned from a cruise on the MSC Orchestra. Dance options were pretty good on the Orchestra. They had one lounge with a small circular dance floor, were there was ballroom music most of the evening. A second lounge had a mix of music and a decent size dance floor. They had all the...
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    How to fix slippery floor (not shoes)?

    Thoroughly brushing you soles, should help a little. Our shoes are always a little sticky after I brush them and make the surface rough. I put in a laminate floor for a practice room and it is a little bit on the sticky side, so it appears something was put on your floors, that made them...
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    your ranking of the standard and smooth dances

    I like them all, other than saying a like Viennese waltz less than the other 4, I really can't pick between Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep.
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    Favorite Latin Music Artists & Groups

    Cheyanne, Ricky Martin and Enrigue Iglesias are my favorites. They all do a variety of Latin music styles.
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    Do you mean doing shines were you go off and doing your own thing for a few measures or do you mean throwing styling in when you have the opportunity. The second is common in West coast for advanced dancers, but not the first. Both are common amoung advanced salsa dancers.
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    Waltz vs V Waltz tempii

    As a social dancer, I will do Viennese Waltz to songs a bit slow for Viennese, but we won't do Waltz to songs, that are two fast. Our primary choice for in between waltz music, is to take a break. We avoid doing a Waltz to fast music, because you tend to remove technique to match the speed...
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    How many people on the floor for a private lesson?

    Normally in the evening, it was pretty crowded. We started taking 2 hours of lessons at 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM, because it was not crowded at the 9:00 PM session. We would work on spot dances in the 8:00 PM lesson and smooth dances at 9:00 PM. With each couple doing different dances, I found it...
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    "Never have I ever...."

    I have been up the Eiffel tower ( view was awesome ). I have never been in Russia.
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    Cat antics

    Our cat loves to do footsies, particularly on the cover next to you when you are sleeping. The only time he purrs, is when he does footsies. He does not like to be held or petted very much, but he always wants to be in the room, the most people are in.
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    Should I feel bad about this at all?

    Some people do that as a job. They find bargains on Ebay and other places, than sell them for a profit elsewhere. Some items do not get many bids and you can get some real bargains, if you are persistent. I put together 4 awesome Lego sets for my grandchildren, for about $50 each, by bidding on...