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    Inline Dance

    Thank you Steve, your awesome! Were there every Thursday. My dad also teaches the same dance there on Tuesday. We'd love to have you out. And I'm glad I can shed a little light on the dance for everyone here!
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    Inline Dance

    http:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v= FRfHL2P8wik I don't have 10 posts yet, so you'll have to remove the spaces... Damn spammers Here's a basic video from a demonstration.I wasn't feeling to hot that night, but it gets the point across
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    Inline Dance

    @skunker- that video is a texas 2 step, or so its called here. I'm completely lost on why some groups call it line dancing? everything I know says line dancing is a group of individuals (and sometimes couples) doing the exact same step simultaneously. Such as the boot scootin boogy or tush...
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    Chicago quietly going country

    Completely agree, you can dance a 2step, some swings, inline (here anyways) to the same songs, and yeah, waltz has its own special bubble
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    Country? Western?

    Cowboy and country are two words where the definition has gotten fuzzy. 200 years ago cowboy was someone who rode a horse for a living. Today, it seems to be anyone who buys a cowboy hat. But things being what they are, new people are turned on to country music and dancing and bring new things...
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    Boot Scootin Boogie

    I was in Santa Ana last weekend, made a trip dancing and I got kicked out of Cowboy Country for arials :-( Got half the crowd applauding and yelling and still got the boot...
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    Sweetheart, Pretzel and Window Moves

    I know a few people who use the window in their 2step, I personally don't. I do use the pretzel, however I use in the the country swing and a local dance, the inline. and yeah, if its done correctly, its actually very smooth and looks great with no tweaking of the shoulders. I've taught it in...
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    Can You Identify this Two Step Move/Turn?

    That video is dizzzying lol
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    Who hijacked the Two Step?

    We also have the Halftime, a shortened footwork that is stationary. It uses all the same spins and cues as the A2S. but is used for the fast to extremely fast songs. There's a video on youtube demonstrating it, but they are a bit hokey. I can't post links yet, but the video is titled: Country...
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    What kind of cowboy boots for two step dancing?

    A lot of places will have some sort of a polished floor, and a lot won't. I wear rubber soled ariats and deal with sticking on unpolished floors, but I do a lot of arials and flips with some of my dances and prefer to stick. Most people will be better off in a leather sole, I just have an odd...
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    Yeah, but is it Country?

    so I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a pretty unique climate here as far as dancing goes. When you say 2step here, its typically referred to as either the Arizona 2 step (2 steps forward, one step back) or a variant of a country swing (this is usually by the younger crowd, who lack the...
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    overthinking the two step?

    I'm new to the forum, and loving it, seems everyone has something important and relevant to say. I'm no pro, just a guy who got good at dancing and fell backwards into teaching it. For my stronger dances, I don't count, as was said above, once you do it "enough" you won't need to, you'll hear...
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    Inline Dance

    This is a couples dance, unlike most other places (from what I hear) line dancing is a very minor thing here, the dance floors being primarily consumed by couples dancing with the exception of a select few "line dance songs" (I still like going out and inlining to the cupid shuffle. The...