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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    If you do a hover telemark at the end of the third wall and you're adhering to the book, you'd need to change up the start of the fourth wall if doing a proper hover telemark, no? Since it would end DW of the new wall?
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    New NDCA Bronze and Silver rules

    I wondered about this -- how effective is the rule if enforcing it / looking for it requires following one couple and letting others who may be infracting in other ways go?
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

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    American Ballroom Shadow Position

    1. Open right 2. Open right 3. Open right 4. Open right 5. Open right
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    MAC 2018

    Who's here this weekend? I'm being a bit of a curmudgeon and going to sleep super early tonight to rest up for the comp proper, but I'll hopefully be out and about in the evenings!
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Scotch, neat, please. ;)
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    Casa Musica songs usually aren't, but at least you can download them one-by-one from the site, instead of needing to purchase an entire CD.
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    Unconventional Dance Music

    The tempo on this is glacial. I tried upping it to comp tempo when Miss Silly first posted it and it just sounded ... well ... silly.
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    floor position strategy latin

    Wow. I've never heard that before but totally like it. It all depends on where the judges are, but I always tell my dance babies that if the judges are stacked along a long side, one of the best places to be is on the long side across from them. If you dance up right in front of a judge, they...
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

    My comps in the southeast are Gumbo in Baton Rouge and, this year, ADSF in Miami -- give me a holler if you're at either! :)
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    Official Ballroom Song ID Thread

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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I can't wait to see it!!!
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    Blackpool Teacher/Student vs Pro/am

    That's ... egregious. Worst I heard / saw in a video once was a Smooth Viennese at like 70?? MPM -- music director didn't even notice until one of the judges turned around and got his attention, at which point he slid the tempo down and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
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    Blackpool Teacher/Student vs Pro/am

    ... I try to make sure all my music is uniform throughout the 1:30. :( But also, not entirely sure why the USA Dance vs. NDCA distinction is being brought in here. NDCA competitions have both pro-am and mixed-amateur events -- I thought that this new distinction at Blackpool was meant to...
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    Blackpool Teacher/Student vs Pro/am

    With the amateur teacher, I'm assuming? What if they also have an amateur partner?