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    Most Memorable Latin Performances

    Yana and Yegor 2012.
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    Need names for Viennese waltz figures of Ferrugia

    I've had "hairpin" described differently. The last two steps of three are the same as a curving feather. But the first step differs. Unlike a curving feather, the follower starts with a forward step instead of stepping back. The leader can instigate this either by starting the figure by...
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    Partner - To Keep or Not To Keep

    In consideration of great partners, I'll just leave this here:
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    Open Telemark, or Outside Change to PP

    To "differentiate" between closed and promenade position, my lead subtly changes. For promenade position, I open my left hip while keeping my topline facing her. I'll look more leftwards to present a visual. Then I'll push sideways out of my right foot instead of diagonally forward for my...
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    Dress Colour Combinations

    This depends upon the complexion of each individual. But based upon your pic, I'd recommend the polka dot pattern, #2. This would combine well with any of the other violet/ lavender patterns, perhaps #1.
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    So you've danced a hover telemark near the end of your third wall and you are facing DW. What to do? Depends upon the level of dance and the space left to your nearest wall. Your right foot is now free. Therefore, you probably would consider dancing a natural or syncopated reverse figure...
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    ...and the GOOD news is that a hover telemark IS closed syllabus silver!
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    Partner tryout/first lesson

    Yes. Don't agree to have sex with him. ... But seriously, be reluctant to agree to much of anything during this "meet and greet" lesson shy of scheduling a future lesson if the first lesson works out. It's fine to talk about goals. But be hesitant to set any limits right away. If he does...
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    Silver standard Routine (attached)

    Showcases would be fine for your routine since there are typically no judges to penalize you for dancing outside a closed silver syllabus. But for the sake of education, your student needs to know which figures in your routine are NOT standard silver and why.
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    That "uninformed and dismissive statement" is true to some extent. When I dance host or if I am dancing with beginners, they are often surprised when they successfully follow "moves that they don't know" because they were "open to following." But in your case, you ain't no steenking beginner...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    My partner an I are learning a slow fox (International) routine from our pairs coach Slava to dance at a future showcase. But we hit a bump in the road during our paired lesson last Wednesday. To exit a same foot lunge, I danced a cantered (for me, not for her, to get us back on opposite feet)...
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    Best New Songs

    Did you ever think that the Foo Fighters would record a bachata? Foo Fighters "The Line" 2018
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    Height Difference

    "Bumping legs" has more to do with an improper connection with your partner than height difference. If your follower is a "shorty," then you may need to use your knees more to get closer to her height level. She can't rise to your height. But you can "drop" to hers by bending your knees more.
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    American Ballroom Shadow Position

    A ripple chasse is a chasse with shape... first a strong right shape on the second step, then moving to a left shape on the fourth step. The illusion is that the top half and middle are "rippling" while the bottom half remains steady. For the waltz, the chasse can hook behind on the third...