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    Scrutineering Programs

    I sort of suspected this as much hahaha but thanks a lot Im tomorrows the big day of the competition for PE finals where we'll be testing the comp mngr system woot
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    Scrutineering Programs

    This is what comp mngr looks like when I review/edit/print the program Heat 1: First Round Samba Couple 1 Couple 2 Couple 3 Couple 4 COuple 5 Couple 6 COuple 7 Couple 8 Couple 9 COuple 10 Couple 11 Couple 12 Couple 13 Couple 14 Couple 15 COuple 16 Couple 17 and so on...
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    Scrutineering Programs

    Hi its been a year (and yes after a year of studying I sort of have a grasp on comp mngr hahahaha) Ive sort of got everything down creating categories adding scores and entries but one thing thats problematic right now is that heats dont seem to get divided automatically there's only suppose to...
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    Dancing in front of MOM... horrible!!!

    oddly enough I like it more when family comes in watch makes me wanna show off more lol and I get someone in the audiences who I can interact with during those pointing moments
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    help out the victims of typhoon ondoy

    If you can help out the victims of typhoon ondoy the best way I can spread the cause is through a video
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    Usdc 2009

    OMG... may the person who stole it rot in hell... ... my coach's iphone got stolen as well a few weeks before USDC
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    Usdc 2009

    Interestingly I haven't heard anything about eugene and maria how did they fair?
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    Usdc 2009

    sorry becca lol (no offense but as you know im not the biggest fan of melia) slavik will go all the way yeah! I was really skeptical at first about this anna slavik partnership because well Slavik doesn't exactly have the best reputation either but I'm surprized woohoo, the man with the...
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    Your favorite dancers?

    amateurs: Andre Zaitsev and Anna Kuzmiskaja Professional: Eugene and Maria, Yulia and Riccardo
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    Ballroom Tango Attitude with Height

    would you mean smooth tango?
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    Mirko and Alessia retire from competitive dancing

    wow arent they young? I know they were the fastest standard couple to go to the top after turning pro
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    Embassy 2009

    my coach won 3rd at the pro-am!!!
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    Usdc 2009

    my coach is competiting with this as well with her proam partner for the international cha cha cha, samba, rumba, jive, paso, scholarship and cabaret! YAY!!! wonder if he can win against maxim this year :-)
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    Embassy 2009

    OOOH my coach is going there!!!! she's competing with her pro-am partner/ student!!! hahaha she had me edit her show dance music
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    African-Americans in the Ballroom World

    thats mambuse