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    How are your practices going?

    Samba routine coming along, however, it may never be quite where I want it to be given my curse of being pigeon-toed. Some practices focus just on keeping my feet turned out.
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    Ballroom intro lessons: remember how you felt before & after?

    My brother had gone to a few smooth/rhythm classes at a local studio with his girlfriend because she wanted to learn to dance. On a guest class night, he invited me so that he could attend for free. I had always admired dancers but was too shy to ever think dancing was something I could do. I...
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    fake tan and make up again

    Thank you MissKitty!! :-)
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    fake tan and make up again

    MissKitty, where do you buy your tanning solution? What kind of bronzer?
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    I wonder how it worked out for SwinginAngel. I am pidgeon toed too (starting at the hip) and constantly struggle for turn out on rhythm dances.