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    Unconventional Dance Music

    Depends on the mood. Tempo-wise it's usually 30-35 bpm to me. Musically, it can go relatively bluesy to very pop/hip-hop. Usually hustles and cha-chas can make decent WCS's, but one can't really cha-cha to Justin Timberlake or Usher (even if one of the earlier posters says they can). Maybe...
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    What dance songs do you hate?

    Have them pay you $5 to play the song. Payola baby!
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    What dance songs do you hate?

    Along those lines, any "swango" song would fit that description.
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    How to lead different followers?

    I was going to ask whether this was an open dance like swing/salsa or a closed dance like smooth/standard. I'm also assuming this is a beginner class, because I cannot conceive that noodle arms is an issue for more advanced dancers. The other issue to remember is that social smooth and...
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    Goofy Ballroom Music

    I put my CD's in the hibernating cave as I was moving, but on my "want to play" list is Lyle Lovett's "I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord" (quickstep) and maybe a few other gospel bits.
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    Viennese Waltz Balls

    Duke held their 34th Ball last semester. I had helped to organize it before, but now there's an upcoming VB here in the DC area scheduled for March I think.
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Of the many choices, I decided to stay close for my dance on Saturday. I probably should have gone to see Jordan and Tatiana dancing or to the ballroom dance in DC that I would otherwise attend. As it stood, I went to a place that had a much much smaller than normal crowd, but I at least got a...
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    Dancing With the Stars 3

    Darn... have to upgrade to a DVR...
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    Social ballroom in DC on Fridays?

    Thanks... at some point I'll be able to show up. Lindy night, WC, or ballroom. :)
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    Pathetic attempt for attention...

    I haven't found that there is a student club aside from the salsa/rueda group. But it may just take some time. Yes, I do want to know where I should go for a good social time and also get some lessons.
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    Pathetic attempt for attention...

    Well, sure... after I find out if there's a ballroom or other partner dance club(s) on campus. :)
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    Pathetic attempt for attention...

    That's exactly what it means. I have three months (this is academia after all), but I will be going from the basketball powerhouse of Duke University to the basketball powerhouse of George Mason University. :cool:
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    Pathetic attempt for attention...

    I know I haven't been around for a while, but I promised myself I would not really do a lot of dancing until I had some closure to my job search. Now I want to see if my new profile really works. ;) :cool:
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    DWTS "Awards"--Best/Worst Dress, Song, Etc

    If I had known we'd do awards, I'd take better notes. Worst song: All the disco/hustle tunes that passed as paso doble. The Blondie tango was probably as bad as Master P's dancing. Worst comment: how about pimping the new Master P album? Stacey having the best legs Tony's ever seen...
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    Unconventional Dance Music

    "Push" by Madonna (latest CD) if sped up a hair could be a rather cool samba.