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    Competition Routines?

    I think it depends on the couple - current DP and I made a conscious decision a while ago to only do lead/follow on the competition floor. (We dance standard) While it's a lot harder than learning a routine and "knowing" what's coming, it forces him to lead precisely and me to continue to...
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    Myers Briggs and Ballroom Dance

    INFJ right here! We're only 1-2% of the population, so I'm trying hard to represent. :)
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    Leaving a teacher: how do you know when it's time to move on?

    Deciding to leave a teacher is never an easy choice, and I feel for what you're going through. Still, I think if you reread your post you'll see that you've already made a decision in your heart, just by how you typed out your question. At the end of the day, you dance to be happy and feel...
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    DSI Dance Frame - UK Open

    It sounds like two different products to me - the one marketed a while ago was more of a bent-frame object that fit over the gentleman's head and around his arms. Having worked with partners who used it, and ones who haven't, my viewpoint is that it is helpful up to a point, but then needs to...
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    Body Types in Standard/Latin

    My DP and I are perfectly matched, to almost the millimeter. We've learned this the hard way, through dance coachings. We now know how well we're doing in a coaching, because if we're really screwing things up the guest coach will shake his/her head and then offer "well, at least you two are...
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    How long to become good at Standard?

    My partner and I are definitely planning on going to Nationals! (We're very excited, it should be the biggest and most competitive field we've been up against). A big Thank you! to everyone who has given their opinions - it's always hard to know whether a dream is achievable or a bit too...
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    How long to become good at Standard?

    I'd love some help with this one! My DP and I have been doing standard for a year now. We are bronze level, get 1-2 coachings a week, and practice 10-15 hrs a week. We are motivated and dedicated, and really want to get better. We both dream of competing on an international scale someday...
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    Lead and Follow in International Style--myth or reality?

    My dance partner and I do exclusively lead/follow in every one of our IS dances, and compete that way too. We don't have a single routine, or set patterns. So far we've won every competition we've entered (beating 30+ couples in one) and have had our floorcraft praised mulitple times because...
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    black gowns

    I think it depends on the style of dance you're doing. I've always heard the "no black dresses" rule and in pictures of standard couples I've seen, black dress + black suit = one black blob on the floor, and that was even when worn by world champions. However, a top amateur lady who happens...
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    Just for fun: What's your favorite kind of ballroom/latin costume? Why?

    I agree - I absolutely abhor feathers on ballroom gowns. No matter how heavy or light they are, they always end up off of the dress and right in the footpath of some poor unsuspecting couple. I remember watching the UK Open video the other day and one competitor had feathers on her standard...
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    If by ballroom dress you mean competition gown, I usually bring that and then change at the venue. If you mean social dancing dresses, I usually just wear a large coat on top of it and try to run as fast as possible from the parking lot to the ballroom. :) Otherwise, I also have a pair of...
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    As a resident of Minnesota, this made me nearly fall off my chair laughing. So, so true. ;)
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    Men's competition hair

    Thanks so much Benjy for the fantastic, detailed steps! I'll pass them along to DP and see what he thinks - we have a showcase performance coming up on Saturday so it may be the perfect opportunity to try this method out. It certainly sounds effective! Thank you thank you thank you!
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    Men's competition hair

    Thanks katherinejh! Great advice - although we've tried that and it just insists on coming back out to points in the back. Think Sonic the Hedgehog. :D
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    Men's competition hair

    Men's hair products - help! Does anyone know of some great products for hair that would help a gentleman (with hair of varying length) to keep it slicked back? My DP and I dance standard, and he has been trying to recreate the "wet, slicked back" look that Roberto Villa wears (Pictures here...