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    Feather Dance Shoes New Website

    Due to technical problems with our stores previous website, feather dance shoes has reopened a brand new E-commerce website that will hopefully amend any of the problems with the first. If you have been a customer with us in the past and are having trouble seeing the new website, then you may...
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    Ballroom Jewelry

    Do you do link exchanges on your website?
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    Finding a Dance Partner

    Thanks for the tips! I'll let others know and see if I can help improve people's chances. I guess I gotta be careful about it since teachers in our area seem to get very territorial and I don't want to step on any toes.
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    Finding a Dance Partner

    I haven't seen any recent posts about this on the forum and this didn't seem like something to bring up on the dance ads section. So, I work at a dance shoe store, and very often I get asked about ways to find a dance partner for competition/practice. I usually recommend the obvious choices like...
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    I still have a few cassette tapes from Dance Vision is anyone is interested. Shipping and handling paid for. :)
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    Top Lat/Std Coaches San Francisco Area

    This is a somewhat loaded question since I am sure a lot of us want to remain unbiased in regards to teacher preferences. To add to DanceMentor's post on Standard Instructors, heres a few more: Anton Koukareko - Just Dance Ballroom Hristo Minev or Ivan Spasov - Cheryl Burke and Top Dance...
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    How are your practices going?

    Sooo.... 2 things have happened recently. First, I got into a disagreement with my coach about doing rounds. I just changed Latin partners and she has only learned half my cha cha. I had all open routines before I switched and I can teach them to her fairly well, its just she doesn't know a lot...
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    practice shoes with 2" heels

    This is a shoe a lot of the smooth and standard dancers in my area like to use in a 2" heel. The Lorna Lee is very flexible, which is ideal for smooth, but I've heard from some of my standard friends it downs have as much support. For practice shoes I always like to recommend the leather...
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    USA Dance Nationals 2014

    I apologize about my wording in my last post. It's not fair for me to judge Baltimore since I have never been there myself. Whenever I ask my friends about Nationals, they give me a bit of a underwhelmed image of the city itself. I'm always interested in seeing new places, even if they are...
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    USA Dance Nationals 2014

    Just wondering, will Nationals be in LA next year? Baltimore is really not a nice place to visit imo. Would rather be in LA.
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    Just want to give big thanks to Miss Silly and Katarzyna for the generous donations to the SJSU Dancesport team! If you filled out the tax form provided and sent them with the donations then we will get those processed ASAP. Thank you again!
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    How to soften straps on Latin shoes?

    What brand of shoe are you wearing?
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    OK. So i just switched Latin Partners and now i'm dancing with my GF/Standard Partner. She wants to be a 10 dancer. I've been dancing Latin for about 3 years now, but my GF has little to no experience in Latin so its been really frustrating. especially since she can't COUNT BEATS! It's so...
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    Looking for Latin Shirts and Dress

    OK well now we are no longer looking for a dress, but still looking for latin shoes in UK size 6. Also possibly a 3" heel latin shoe for ladies UK 4. Ray Rose Preferred.