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    winter "pleasures"?

    Sounds like it might be ALMOST moving up to NYC for the selections of chocolate!!! :) Katie (who is enjoying the touch of cool weather here in Central FL. )
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    Wait a sec.... Polka?

    I think that people who REALLY love to polka... will dance the polka to almost anything! We played for an anniversary party several years ago... the family LOVED to polka! They danced to all of our music! Fiddle tunes, bluegrass songs, folk songs, etc. However... when we played waltzes.... they...
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    Collegiate Dancing in Austin, TX

    I know most of you are ballroom dancers, but if you want something different for an evening don't forget that there is a very nice contra dance community in Austin. We've visited their dances and played with the band at the Wed night dance several times. Nice folks... a fun dance evening.
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    Dancing in Atlanta in September

    There is probably a contra dance on the Friday night you're going to be there. Definitely friendly... all ages... quick beginner lessons start at 7:30 p.m... then the dance at 8:00. We played for a dance this summer... lots of fun! And... anyone can contra dance... and have a great time...
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    gratitude thread

    I am thankful to have found out about the fun of contra dancing by playing for dances in the band. What a super family activity! Now I still love playing for dances...but have heaps of fun dancing, too! :) K.
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    Orlando, FL Contra Dance

    If you happen to be in the area of Orlando, FL this weekend... we hope that you'll come to the contra dance! Saturday, Aug. 26. It's always fun... and everyone smiles... all evening! Family friendly. Directions are on their web page... Google Orlando Contra Dance will get you there. Our band...
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    Why partner only?

    Doc... I know you're talking about line dance and country dance.. but do give some consideration to contra dancing. The Orlando Contra Dance Club dances the last Saturday of each month in Casselberry. ( I guess I haven't posted enough to be able to put in the URL but a search should get you...
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    Dance-chocoholics thread

    Buying a present for YOURSELF now and then is a good thing! :)
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    dancing is my life, but my parents dont approve

    Kaz, I hope that you can find a way to get your education... and fulfill your desire to dance as well. I feel that having choices in our lives is very important. The more education you have... the more choices you'll find. Prepare your body and your soul with dance... but along with that...
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    Happy and or Random Thoughts

    Positive thoughts... Sending positive thoughts and prayers her way. And.... feeling thankful to live in a time that so many medical problems can be helped... and even cured. Good health to your housemate's mom. And a peaceful evening for your housemate also.
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    Whatcha listening to right now?

    Listening to... Right now I'm listening to an old time band called the "Boiled Buzzards!" Haha... what a name! They have some great tunes.. interesting sound. After that I'm going to put on Alasdair Fraser's "Dawn Dance." He's a wonderful fiddler! His tune "Laughing Wolf" is a favorite...
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    Contra Dance with us in Orlando, FL

    How about dancing off that big dinner in Orlando, FL. My band is playing for the contra dance on Saturday, November 26th in Casselbury, FL (Orlando area.) If you're anywhere close that weekend... hope you'll join us! Katie (Who plays fiddle for dances... and loves to contra dance, too...
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    the power of a smile

    I think we ALL need that! Thanks so much for sharing this story. Seven years ago... I went to my first contra dance. I was so very impressed by the fact that EVERYONE dancing smiled ALL the time. Me too! It was SO much fun. Smiles and dance... a super combination! :)