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    Igor Suvorov at Ballroom Off Fifth

    Igor Suvorov is available for private lessons at BOF in New York on Wednesday, Sept. 30th, Thursday, Oct. 1, and Friday, Oct. 2. Igor was a Blackpool semi-finalist as a competitor and is now coach to many of the top professional and amateur couples in the country. If interested, please call...
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    Is Ray Rose and International better than Supadance ?

    I used to wear a 5UK in Supa 1012 (remember, Supa 1012 runs about 1/2 a size smaller than the non-strapped ones), but now I wear a 4 or 4.5UK in RR (I like my shoes on the tight side). RR also runs a bit more narrow, I feel, especially in the models that feature a pointed toe.
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    Is Ray Rose and International better than Supadance ?

    Yes, I've switched from Supa to RR Rockslide. Ray Rose boasts that their shoes are competition-ready, and they definitely are! They don't have that "new shoes" feeling, and come with the soles and shoe box already pliable. Like their Latin shoes, the heels come very balanced - you can choose...
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    10 Questions for every Latin/Ballroom dancer on this forum!

    1. Do you dance, Latin or Ballroom or Both? Ballroom 2. Do you compete? If yes, in what level and cathegory? Amateur champ 3. Which is your favourite dance in Ballroom? Changes from day to day :-) 4. Which is your favourite dance in Latin? All except jive 5. Which is your weakest...
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    2009 USA Dance Nationals

    Great job to all the volunteers making this such a wonderful event! This was my first Nationals and I was thoroughly impressed. :-) On a side note, does anyone have videos of the Adult Champ Standard (especially the final)? My partner and I completely forgot to order a video...
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    Starry Night Winter Showcase/Big Apple Dancesport--Who is going?

    So, anyone going? It'll be a fantastic show!
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    HELP!!!!!! Waltz Song Name

    "Of this land" by Clannad.
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    Can anyone identify these shoes?

    I believe she was wearing Aida for awhile.
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    In the semifinal, in no particular order: Damien Koulouris & Karolina Szpiech Lukas Chockuba & Paulina Malinowska Egor Abashkin & Katya Kanevskaya Peter Minkov & Yulia Kornilova Gherman Mustuc & Iveta Lukosiute Anton & Lena Koukareko
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    Capital Dancesport Championships 2008

    Sorry, I only know the results from the first half of the final: 1. Damien Koulouris & Karolina Szpiech 2. Ruslan Meshkov & Alexandra Nema 3. Greg Fidurski & Gabriella Jileva Sergiy & Yulia were also in the final, but not sure where they placed...
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    Lancome makeup

    That's L'Oreal's corporate store. They also have a massive sample sale every few months in the same building, where items are discounted much more than even in the corporate store. There was one a couple of weeks ago - they had Kiehl's, Lancome, Giorgio Armani, and a bunch of fragrances...
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    Last 2, I promise - 5'3-5'6, US size 6-10

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    Last 2, I promise - 5'3-5'6, US size 6-10

    White princess gown now $1100.
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    Yet another 2 - 5'3-5'6 US size 6-10

    Julia's peach dress now reduced to $1100. Help me out with making closet space in a tiny NYC apartment, folks!
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    2 Standard gowns - 5'3-5'6, US size 6-10

    Must go!! Absolute steal! Brown & yellow now $1200; Ralf Burke dresses now $1400 each. Help me out with making closet space in a tiny NYC apartment, folks!