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    2016 USA Dance Nationals

    Totally understand that. After going to nationals for 2 years now I've noticed that 1-2 judges consistently mark us 6/7 in all dances even though we are getting 1-3 from others. Luckily the top half out number the both half but it'd be nice to know why. Maybe I should ask them what things they...
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    Mid Atlantic 2016

    Gah I wish I saw this thread while at the comp. My wife and I danced adult silver smooth; the competition was fierce with many strong couples from gold also being in the mix. Barely missed finals, hopefully we'll put on a stronger showing for Nationals this year. What categories do you guys all...
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    Name this handhold!

    I love a good death spin!
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    That it's probably better to cut out trickier figures if you can't execute it at a high level most of the time and it just looks ok. Better off accenting and showing off your strengths and leaving off things that could cause more problems than they are worth. That quality of movement and...
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    Myers Briggs and Ballroom Dance

    INTJ (although sometimes I've tested P, it's about 60/40 between J/P)
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    For the pro-am competitors....

    The services of the organizer of the competition, since each competition is owned by and run certain individuals.
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    For the pro-am competitors....

    I go through my studio but only because they are willing to do it for me without charging me more. I've filled out my forms by myself for AM/AM before I consider myself a direct client because I'm paying for their services. I could do it myself or through the studio, makes no difference to me...
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    NDCA Amateur Circuit

    More couples for sure. Multiple rounds and callbacks are awesome
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    Good songs for practicing ECS

    These are all ones I've heard at comps Stutter: Marron 5 Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Womanizer by Britney Spears For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert Pack Up: Eliza Doolittle Gold on the Ceiling : The Black Keys SoS: Rihanna Howlin' For You: The Black Keys Some Place: Nick Waterhouse (slightly fast)...
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    Good songs for practicing ECS

    My current favorite is Stutter from Maroon 5. Not too fast or slow and has a strong beat I would list more but I don't have my phone on me atm
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    New to USA Dance (and we're terrified)

    I have done am-am novice at night time for NDCA comp. Probably just comp dependent
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    You should write a book!

    I see, that's a shame. I do hope that if/when the book actually comes out, there will be copies available for purchase somehow. Is Indiegogo much worst than kickstarter when it comes to ETA? I've not had many problems with kickstarter but things do happen.
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    You should write a book!

    Is it still possible to purchase a copy of this when it comes out?
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    Amateur teachers

    I have always wondered why it was called Pro/Am and not Pro/Student. I mean they have Student/Student too. Anyways, PASD sounds good to me :)
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    American Style Amateur Competition

    Oh so the main events each syllabus class are already multidances, awesome. Quick followup question, is the distinction between bronze/silver/gold the only the number of dances you need to do? Or does technique/figures you do also advance similar to silver/gold NDCA dances. (Such as passing...